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Lincoln MKZ Transmissions for Sale

The MKZ was brought out in 2006 to compete in the lower end luxury car field. It is a mid sized 4 door sedan built on the Mazda CD3 platform. Ford and Mazda use many interchangeable components in certain cars. It is still in production, and Lincoln kept the choices of transmissions quite simple. Only one Lincoln MKZ transmission for sale was offered in the car.

For interested parties, this is front wheel drive vehicle, with a four wheel drive option. Sometimes we call it all wheel drive [AWD]. A transverse mounting system.

The Aisin 6F is a Six-Speed Select Shift Automatic Transmission Electronic Continuously Variable (e-CVT). Ford Motor Company’s worked with with General Motors on the design and development of the 6F [6 speed, front wheel drive] transaxle.

Controlled by a computer and microprocessor, which is the aggregate for all transmission control functions into the power control module [PCM]. Able to real time program the operating characteristics of each shift from the proper PCM, which results in an extremely smooth operating transmission from the first time the vehicle is driven.

Internally it resembles most other automatic overdrive transmissions, or transaxles in this case, since it is a front engine, front wheel drive vehicle. Using multiple clutch packs and compound planetary gears to produce 6 forward gears. Most people never notice the lock up toque converter engaging at over 50 mph. The equivalent of another forward speed, further reducing engine wear and increasing fuel mileage.

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