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Replacement Transmissions: Rebuilt Lincoln MKX

The Lincoln MKX is a crossover utility vehicle [CUV], it is true luxury in a mid-sized vehicle. It resembles Ford’s Edge, sharing the same platform. Called Ford’s CD-3 platform chassis, it is the basis of a front wheel drive, four wheel drive/ front engine design. The only transmission offered in the MKX is a 6 speed automatic overdrive, with a lock up torque converter [which is like an extra forward speed].

Before I discuss how to buy Replacement Transmissions, Remanufactured Lincoln MKX, rebuilt with care and precision, let me tell you something about the CD-3 platform. It is one of Fords most popular mid sized chassis designs, shared with:
1. Ford Edge
2. Ford Fusion
3. Mercury Milan
4. Lincoln MKZ/Zephyr
5. Mazda6
6. Mazda CX-9

Most rear wheel cars use a longitudinal mounting system where the engine is in the front, and the differential is in the back, with a driveshaft connecting the two. If you picture it in your minds eye, the engine and transmission run north to south with the axis of the car.

We call the system used in the MKX a transverse engine/transmission mounting combo. The engineers first designed a transaxle, which is the transmission and differential all in one case. Thus saving weight and space. Then the assembly is mounted sideways, east to west of the axis of the car. Transversely.

This allows for one axle to protrude from the left front side and drive the left front wheel and the same for the right side. A terrific, very efficient space saving and weight saving design used by many manufacturers nowadays.

The transmission itself is somewhat of an interest. When have you ever heard of Ford and General Motors working on the same project together? This particular line of transmissions is a joint effort by GM and Ford to produce a hi quality multi speed automatic transmission using the same R and D [research and development] department.

It cuts manufacturing and design costs while keeping quality high. Essentially, it is the same basic design as most other fully automatic transmissions or transaxles in theory and function.

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