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Best Manual Transmissions For Sale

People searching for the best manual transmission for sale [as opposed to automatic transmissions] in cars are generally driven by two factors: fuel economy and or acceleration. Cars with limited horsepower (four-cylinder engines) usually benefit the most with manual transmissions. Driving preference comes into play with manual transmissions and V6- or V8-powered engines. There’s also the mythical money factor. People are under the impression that manuals are typically less expensive to repair, and need less maintenance than automatic transmissions. That is myth, standard transmissions can cost as much or more than an automatic transmission.

These are considered to be in the running for Best Manual Transmission cars.

* Volkswagen Jetta (diesel) – The compact Volkswagen Jetta TDI sedan, SportWagen and Golf with manual transmissions lead in EPA fuel economy numbers. Jetta TDI is powered by a 2.0 liter turbodiesel engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. A dual-clutch automatic transmission (DSG) gets an estimated 30/42 mpg. Consumer Guide gives the Jetta a Best Buy, saying “the manual transmission is delightful to use, with smooth shift and clutch action.”

* Chevrolet Corvette (Z06, ZR1) – Zero to 60 mph times of 3.7 seconds for Z06 and 3.4 seconds for ZR1 are not only impressive, no unbelievable, they’re on fire. Looking through the Edmunds.com site, they are saying “launch control is now standard on all manual-transmission models, a feature that will come in handy for squeezing out the best acceleration times.” The Z06 features a 505-hp 7.0-liter V8, while the ZR1 has an “unusually large amount” of horsepower, about 638 hp from its supercharged 6.2-liter V8.

* Chevrolet Camaro SS – After Camaro was eliminated from production in 2002, loyal enthusiasts did everything possible for its return. In 2010, it finally arrived in the fifth-generation Camaro. With a 6.2-liter V8 that’s a direct variant from Chevrolet Corvette, the 2010 Camaro SS makes 426 hp in manual transmission mode. Zero to 60 mph is clocked at 4.6 seconds.

Some other Manual Transmission Cars worthy of consideration, not of the performance ilk are for high fuel economy; including the MINI Cooper, and the mid size Hyundai Elantra Blue.

Although it seems that manual transmissions are slowly trying to be being replaced by ultra high technology automatic and semi automatic transmissions, the fact is certain people insist on having a manual transmission. Regardless of popularity or availability, GotTransmissions.com can supply all manual transmission, and many can be purchased as a low mileage used transmission variant [very cost effective], and we sell the best rebuilt manual transmissions too. Call now for a free quote.

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