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Mopar Transmissions For Sale Below Cost. TF 904, 998, and 999

Three-speed Dodge/Chrysler/Mopar transmissions can be broken down into two groups: The light-duty 904 transmissions and the heavy-duty 727 series of transmissions. The 904 made its debut in 1960 and the 727 hit the scene in 1962. We’ve always found it interesting that Mopar was the lone car company to make a three-speed automatic transmission standard on all cars rather than offer it as a higher priced option.

Generally speaking, the 904 and its derivatives are considered some of the most mechanically efficient automatic transmissions offered to the American public.

Introduced in 1960, the light-duty TorqueFlite came in three basic designations–the TF. The 904 was equipped with three direct friction plates, the 998 had four, and the 999 came with either four or five. They are otherwise dimensionally identical, and beginning in 1980 all were offered with a low gear set (2.74 First and 1.54 Second) as standard equipment. TorqueFlites were also used in some American Motors automobiles from 1972 until AMC’s demise, and they even made an appearance in some import applications, including Mitsubishi’s. But there are certain inherent design drawbacks with the light-duty TorqueFlite. A particularly weak link is the spindly, slotted front pump drive of the torque converter. The slots themselves are wide for ease of installation, but the resulting sloppy engagement makes the drive prone to cracking.

The torque converter issues have been solved, with that in mind this is a prime unit to replace with a rebuilt transmission when you have a failure. The transmissions we supply have the upgraded torque converters and are surprisingly inexpensive, making then quite a value.

In my 30plus years of making a living in the transmission industry, this has to be one of the simplest and easiest transmissions to rebuild, combine that with a tremendous amount of the Mopar-Chrysler transmission produced since 1960, it is easy to see why we can produce the best transmissions on the market and keep the price affordable. CallĀ now @ 866-320-1182 for some solid advise on how to buy the transmission that is in your best interest.

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