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Nissan Cube Replacement Transmissions for Sale for Less

The Nissan Cube is one of the newer sportier variants of mini cars that cater to the surfer lifestyle. Called an MPV [multi purpose vehicle] because it will haul your surfboard to the beach or pick up the kids at school. Being a ‘leisure activity vehicle’, it’s market focus is for leisure activities and costs less as a general rule. has Nissan Cube Replacement Transmissions for sale for less.

The Cube is a simple car, it uses a CVT transmission. CVT means continuously variable transmission. The way a CVT transmission works is different than a conventional automatic transmission. As a rule it does not use gears or planetary assemblies, or the conventional components used in ordinary transaxles which cause a fixed number shifts, and are easy to notice each shift.

The Cube is a front wheel drive car, called a transverse mounting system. The first generation Cube [1998-2002] offered a 4 speed automatic transmissions and CVT. The second generation [2002-2008] only offered a CVT.

CVT transmissions use an assembly that allows for infinite gear ratios. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually an easy design in concept. CVT transmissions are used in huge commercial equipment and many lawn mowers and tractors. A favorite of large tractor company’s for many years.

It simply took some time to develop a small mini car sized CVT that offered the same seamless performance in small vehicles that has been accomplished in the large vehicles. It sounds unusual to reverse engineer a transmission from big to small. The CVT offers better fuel efficiency and superior performance in mini cars and hybrids. They offer excellent durability as well with proper maintenance.

The best replacement transmissions for the Nissan Cube are low mileage certified used transmissions. Transmissions that are removed from low mileage cars, perhaps they were wrecked and totaled or another reason caused the transmission to be available, and that is how we out-perform the competition, we have access to the finest recoiling yards all over the country. not only sells the best used Cube transmissions, but we use proven methods to having your transmission delivered ASAP and get you back on the road. Quality products and great customer service build confidence and peace of mind. Find out why we are the choice of professional mechanics, Call now.

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