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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission


Nissan introduced its Pathfinder vehicle brand in the 1985 year. This series was sold both in Japan and the United States. The competition with other automakers to produce the next best SUV was strong in the 1980s. The 4×4 nature of the Nissan engines were a great fit for the Pathfinder. GotTransmissions provides what could be the largest Nissan Pathfinder transmission inventory marketed online in the U.S.

There are at least five types of gearboxes that are most common in the Nissan SUV series. These are all produced by Jatco and not internally produced. The very first build was the three-speed automatic. This was designed to fit the four-cylinder engine editions for the Pathfinder. These early builds were quickly updated to include more types of automatic gearboxes. The four-speed was quickly introduced for all builds going forward.

Used Pathfinder Transmissions: Automatic, Manual and CVT

There is a five-speed model that was produced for manually controlling the Pathfinder in the 1990s. These were offered as the alternate to the automatics. The 2004 year brought more changes to Nissan as one of the first seven-speed editions were used in a U.S. vehicle. These were offered at the same time as the improved six-speed gearboxes were announced. All of these builds can be found here at

A new type of gearbox that functions as a hybrid model is used by Nissan in the U.S. The builds from 2011 forward now feature a CVT transmission. These are known as continuously variable. These can function much like a manual and automatic transmission. The internal gearing is automatically switched based on the transport of each vehicle. The used CVT transmissions in the Got Transmissions inventory are also included in sale price structures here.

Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Price Quotes

A quote in price is what prepares every buyer of a gearbox of the total selling price. There are no transmission prices that are listed on this resource. This is to protect the individual discounts that every buyer is offered. A quote in price is easily distributed through this website. A dedicated tool is now used here to supply every person with an automated Nissan transmission price quote.

A toll-free system is an optional method of learning how much Pathfinder transmissions cost here. A group of company specialists answer every call that is placed to the listed toll-free number. Every question that does not have an answer on this very page can be asked easily using the phone quote method. Any automatic, manual or CVT used transmissions in stock are ready for U.S. shipments here.

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