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Oldsmobile Intrigue Used Transmissions

Oldsmobile Intrigue Used Transmissions for Sale | Cheap Transmissions

Oldsmobile Intrigue was a GM produced sedan that was unfortunately phased out too soon. The Intrigue was slated to take the top spot for Oldsmobile except the termination of the Oldsmobile brand happened. General Motors pulled the plug on the Intrigue although the 4T65-E transmission inside can still be found. GM produced all of the transmissions that Oldsmobile used and it is easy to find Oldsmobile Intrigue transmissions for the price you want here. We make sure that you don’t pay high dealership prices and always ensure total satisfaction with every purchase or you get your money back.

The original 4T65 transmission did not use the electronic torque converter. The switch to this technology happened in the mid 1980s and all of the Oldsmobile cars were retrofitted with the new and improved 4T65-E transmission. This is what was used in the Intrigue, Toronado and LeSabre as the base 4-speed model. If you are intimidated with buying a used transmission online don’t be. You might have heard some bad things about other dealers. We put your mind at ease here and assure you that everything inside of our warehouse is perfect. A complete staff of transmission mechanics are the very people that oversee all of our transmission purchases.

Oldsmobile Intrigue Used Transmissions

A gear ratio is not the most important thing to be worried about with a transmission. The delicate internal parts all work together to make shifting possible. The hydraulic fluid and valve bodies are also important and every used gearbox that enters our warehouse is checked for accuracy. Just because we sell something in a condition marked as used does not mean it looks used. The distributors that help us stock our inventory know we don’t use dirty and grimy transmissions here. You can tell a lot from our photos and how we run our business that we have more integrity than that. We do know that most of what we sell gets installed into the vehicles of people we might never meet. We aim to impress everyone with the condition of what we sell.

We appreciate the innovation by General Motors in its Oldsmobile brand. Out of the thousands of transmissions that are sold to dealers everywhere we choose Oldsmobile as one of our key brands. The termination of this brand does not mean that parts are no longer available. Our experts know just how to purchase 4-speed transmissions and we always have a great inventory available. We ship these free of charge to our U.S. customers. The extra savings definitely add up to a lot by the time you include our already discounted pricing. The best part is that you need nothing from us to get a quote. How easy is that?

Oldsmobile Intrigue Used Transmissions Price Quote

Online quotes are one of the ways that our business has been improved. The lowest price for a 4T65-E transmission is easy to get anytime of the day or night here. Use the simple form we had built for our website and it will give you exact pricing. Our customer service staff is available by phone at 1-866-320-1182. Call us and we’ll help you right now. You have zero to lose and a low price to gain.

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