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Porsche Cayenne Transmissions for Sale

If you read my blogs, you know I am a big Porsche fan. The fact is, Porsche is the finest engineered car in the world. I happen to own an early Porsche, nothing like a mid sized five-seater luxury CUV [crossover utility vehicle] called the Cayenne. It can be called Porsche Type 955 (2002–2006), Type 957 (2007–2010), and Type 958 (2011+), if you find numerals more appealing. As in my car, it’s a 911 model, 1970 vintage.

The vehicle platform or chassis, whatever you want to call it, was developed by Porsche as the first V8 engined Porsche since 1995 [998]. It is shared with the VW Touraeg and the Audi Q5. It is one super performance chassis if one was ever made.

Through both the first generation and second generation models, a 6 speed automatic transmission is offered and a 6 speed automatic Tiptronic transmission too. It’s important to note that the Cayenne is built on a front engine, longitudinal chassis.

A longitudinal chassis is the oldest design made. Where the engine and transmissions are up front [bolted together], and the differential is in the back, and a drive-shaft connects the transmission to the differential. Of course, nothing Porsche makes is conventional in design, so it’s a far cry from the bluff of longitudinal chassis setups. A really far cry.

Tiptronic transmissions [Porsche Trade-name] is commonly referred to as a manuamatic transmission. Essentially a manumatic transmissions it is a fancy term for a sporty, super high performance automatic transmission with fancy racing shifter paddles and an advanced electronic computer system. It uses a torque converter like a regular automatic transmission.

When it comes time to program a Cayenne manumatic transmission, that is where the rubber hits the road. Let me be clear, the transmission is commanded in entirety by a computer system. The main computer has driving programs installed in it. Programs that detect the road conditions, and your driving habits, and adjust in real time, to allow for the perfect shift every time.

Consider this, Porsche puts over 250 programs in the Cayenne computer. As opposed to the Touraeg, which has 45 or 50 programs. That is only the beginning of the masterful changes and differences between Porsche and everyone else.

You can take my word for it. You can also take my word for buying a replacement transmission for a Porsche Cayenne. The only place that sell viable rebuilt Porsche Cayenne transmissions for sale, equal to a fresh dealership transmission, for pennies on the dollar is

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