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Remanufactured transmissions for sale: Ford Cruisomatic C-4….

The first C-4 Ford transmissions were introduced in 1964. The first aluminum case fully automatic ‘cruisomatic‘ transmission Ford produced. Of the early aluminum case three speed automatic transmissions made, it enjoyed perhaps the most success. Small and sturdy it met many new requirements newer cars demanded.

The fact is it was an exceptionally good working transmission, and very durable, being able to take more power and punishment than it’s peer transmissions at the time. One might say it was a trendsetter.

Ford Trivia: Ford Motor Company was wrapped pretty tight back then. In particular, the system used by Ford to identify parts is a brilliant and easy to figure out method of determining what decade and year your car or the part was made, giving you an advantage in finding what part you want fast.

The C in C-4 stands for the decade of the 1960s. As the letter D would indicate the decade of the 1970s and so forth. The number immediately following the letter designates what year the part was produced. Thus we can conclude that the C-4 was first produced in 1964. C being the decade of the ’60s and # 4 being the year in that decade. Hence C-4, 1964..

The C-4 is a 3 speed automatic transmission. Using two sets of planetary gears, two bands (for second and reverse gear), 2 sets of clutch packs and a front pump and aluminum valve body. Needless to say, it’s overwhelming success over the years brought relatively few changes or upgrades from the factory. It is pleasure when the factory designs a transmission that hits the street having few if any factory flaws.

Since the C-4 was officially discontinued in 1986, the availability of transmissions for sale is the most cost effective method of replacement for the buck. Finding good used units is possible, but it is hard to find a used one with low mileage. when looking for transmissions for sale, such as the C-4, the options are endless. Assuming all things in the rebuilt transmission industry are equal, and they are not, by the way, it is easy to purchase a remanufactured C-4 tailored to your particular use.

As I said, unfortunately all transmission rebuilders are not equal, and that is where outperforms all other competitors. Using precise testing procedures and only backing the cream of the crop in reconditioned transmissions, you can expect to purchase a long lasting trouble free rebuilt Ford C-4 transmission, or for that matter any transmission, with confidence. The warranty proves it.

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