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Remanufactured transmissions, leave it to a professional…

Every now and then, I would field a call from a DIY mechanic asking tons of questions about how to do this or that operation, in regards to a transmission job. Other than I made my living rebuilding transmissions and engines, what makes a person of this sort think they can arbitrarily absorb 20 plus years of information in a few phone calls?

Not to mention the hundred thousand dollars worth of specialty tools my shop needed to perform procedures like rebuilding a transmission. Short minded thinking and an insult to any trained mechanic who has put lots of time into learning their craft. Mechanics have thousand of dollars worth of personal tools to pay for. Normally the shop supplies the specialty tools, although many mechanics have their own specialty tools.

The end result of delving into something way over your head is that once you concede that it needs to go to a trained specialist, the price just went up. Sorting out a disassembled engine or transmission is time consuming, not to mention figuring out what parts are bad or broken and deciphering the unprofessional disassembley technique.

Cars of the last 18 years have become progressively more computerized and complicated, making it more important for intensive training to stay on top of your field. Realistically speaking, all professionals, including doctors have to attend yearly training and update seminars to keep abreast of the field. Good shop owners allow a percentage of shop income to go to training.

Bottom line, have a serious transmission problem, go to a professional, even if you need a remanufactured transmission, it stiil costs less and takes less time in the long run. More information on remanufactured transmissions can be found on our Blog.

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