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Remanufactured Transmissions Sales Up, New Car Sales Down..

Remanufactured transmissions

Remanufactured transmissions

Delving further into the economy and the realistic money problems most folks are facing, it is much cheaper to stay on top of your maintenance than wait for a failure. Some items that can fail can be dangerous, such as: brakes, steering and tires. Transmissions can be dangerous if they fail at the wrong time, leaving you stranded in the worst possible places.

One of the keys to my success in keeping my 1988 GMC 1 ton four wheel drive pickup (it is not a duallie) running perfect all the time is that it never has a chance for anything to go bad prematurely. For over 20 years I had a friend who owned a lubrication specialty joint. We exchanged any repairs, I got free oil changes for my wife’s van and my truck and he got free transmission work. I had the oil on my truck changed every 1000 miles. It has had 92 oil changes since it has 92000 miles on it. To say this is an overkill is an understatement.

What I’m getting at is, if you take care of transmission and related problems the instant you suspect one, or as soon they start to fail, you are less likely to end up with a ragged out piece of junk that is less worthy of repairs. I have been devout about changing the lubrication oils (synthetic or conventional) in my rear differential, front differential, transmission, transfer case, engine (obviously), power steering fluid, brake fluid and maintaining my cooling system. I also lubricate wheel bearings (if it applies, some are sealed from the factory), door hinges, hood and trunk hinges, all my locks, turn signal lever, and spraying the body bushings with WD-40 on a regular basis. Am I a freak? Yes. But my truck runs as solid as a new 1 ton GMC which costs over 50,000 bucks now. My truck has literally saved me at least 100,000 dollars by not having to replace it every 3-6 years.

All I’m expressing is how you save in money and time by maintaining your car and transmission. Stuff happens no matter what. If you were to experience a transmission failure, than you need to deal with a reputable outfit. is best known for being prepared to listen to your problem, then fix you up with the transmission you need, they are qualified experts. Our Blog is here for you to learn more about making your car last as long as possible and be trouble free in the long run.

If the unexpected occurrs and you have to replace your transmission, the most reliable solution for folks who have places to go and business to conduct, or kids to pick up at school one of our fully remanufactured transmissions. Call us at 866-320-1182 and make sure to ask about our nationwide parts and labor warranty.

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