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Buy a Subaru Outback Transmission for less.

My first experience with a Subaru Outback was when the first commercials came out with Crocodile Dundee as a spokesperson. I loved those movies. The car or SUV as it is known to be, is a crossover design, meaning it will navigate the highways with grace and with the flick of a lever, you can go off-roading. Subaru has always made good transmissions, that’s exactly why you should call if you need to buy quality Subaru Outback Transmissions.

First put on the market in 1995, transmission options were simple and basic. A 4 speed automatic transmission, and a 5 speed manual transmission was all that was offered. Parenthetically, the Outback is a front wheel drive/four wheel drive vehicle. It uses a different setup than other front wheel drive vehicles.

Instead of the very common method of transversely mounting the engine and transmission under the hood, Subaru uses a longitudinal design to achieve front wheel drive and four wheel drive. Essentially the transmission is separate from the differential/transfer case, as opposed to the more common transverse design, where the transmission and differential are in the same case/housing.

As far as I’m concerned, functionally speaking, neither design has an advantage. Mechanically speaking, this method is somewhat more complicated to design and produce, which, in my opinion is why it is not as popular.

Incidentally, Subaru, however is one of the first companies to make use of CVT [continually variable transmission] transmissions. In fact, the fourth generation Outback is the 9th Subaru to feature a CVT.

For instance, the five speed automatic transmission is called a 5EAT and uses a feature Subaru calls SportShift. Essentially a JatcoJR507E transmission with an overdrive feature and lockup torque converter.

Ford Motor Company also uses the same transmission on some cars that are made by Mazda, which is called the 4EAT [4 speeds] and 5EAT [5 speeds]. As an example, the Ford Probe and Mazda 626 use the same platform, engine and transmission. They are the same car except for trim packages.

Back to the Subaru Outback. As a general rule, the most common replacement transmissions for this vehicle are remanufactured units. In terms of value, nothing can beat it. Priced well less than most folks expect, this is our best seller.

Call first, but for those not interested in, or who can’t quite afford a rebuilt transmission, we offer a lineup of certified good used transmissions, complete with torque converter and a confidence building guarantee.

You have to make the call. It won’t happen by itself. Pick up the phone and call for some realistic advise and information on how to choose a transmission that meets your needs, from budget to application. Call 866-320-1182 right now for a free quote.

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