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Suzuki Vitara Transmissions for Sale

One of the few consistent things about the Suzuki Vitara or Sidekick as is also known, is its purpose, they have stuck to the basic 2WD/4WD design transmission-transfer case strategy. Regardless of the year, make or trim model, even if it was made and driven in another global market, all of the transmissions are easy to identify. Motors are not that simple since they have to meet emission standards.

For instance if you need a replacement transmission, be it a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. A 4 speed or 5 speed, an overdrive transmission or non O.D. has transmissions, used transmissions and new Suzuki Vitara transmissions at affordable prices. Call 866-320-1182 right now for a price quote.

As I studied the Vitara, it became clear that this vehicle had several names attached to it depending on the demographic region and the year or generation it is.

There is a catch however, some Vitara/Kidekick models had longitudinal mounted transmissions and some have transverse mounted drive systems. It’s not a big issue for you, the owner, since you obviously like the car and are considering keeping it. I assume that is why you are reading this.

A longitudinal drive line is the most basic and oldest form of drive line. It is where the engine is mounted up front and the transmission is bolted to it. The differential is in the back of the vehicle, the rear drive wheels are attached to it. To connect the transmission to the rear drive differential a drive-shaft is used almost exclusively nowadays.

If it is a four wheel drive [4×4 or 4WD] Vitara or Sidekick, then it has a transfer case, as all conventional four wheel drive vehicles do.

A transverse mounting system is completely different. The engine and transmission are bolted together up front under the hood, but they are mounted sideways, east to west of the north-south [front to rear] axis of the car. A transaxle is the technical name of the transmission because it incorporates the transmission and drive axle in one convenient light weight casing.

Perhaps this information is not as important to you as choosing a replacement transmission that suits your interests and has pure value built into it. The only was to choose the right transmission is to learn more about the subject. Educated consumers always make better decisions. That’s a fact.

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