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2004 to 2009 Toyota Prius Transmissions/Engine

2002 to 2004 Toyota Prius Transmission/Engine

2002 to 2004 Toyota Prius Transmission/Engine

It’s no surprise to me that people are calling for transmissions and the parts that make up the drivetrain for the hybrid automobile named the Toyota Prius. The Prius has been sold Globally since 2001, it was released in Japan in 1997. is now one of the only distributors for Toyota Prius transmissions, the Inverter/Assist motor and hybrid battery pack, which is not the conventional battery. It is a great honor being the first transmission replacement company’s having the rights to offer 2004 to 2009 Toyota Prius Transmissions/Engines for sale to you, our customers.

I want to discuss the actual transmission portion today. We call the transmission type an ECCVT, which is an acronym for electronically controlled continuously variable transmission. The transmission unit includes the electrical assist motor [PT300] generator [alternator] PT601] and starter [PT604].

Before I get involved too deeply, it was inevitable for Prius owners to wear out drivetrain components and related parts. Locating a company to supply us with the finest replacement components for replacing all of the parts of the system, or just one part is a big benefit to our customers, first and foremost. As a company who prides themselves on uncompromising quality parts and customer service, it has been a great pleasure being chosen to supply these exclusive components to our customers.

The electrical motor and generators start the ICE engine [An internal combustion engine [ICE] using an Atkinson cycle engine, which is more efficient than the more common Otto cycle engine] and provides power for the Continuously Variable Transmission [CVT]. The motor/generators are used as electrical generators when in braking mode, thus regenerating electricity to re-charge the batteries, [the electric motors] and are capable of powering the vehicle at low speed less than 30 mph by itself.

A Hybrid Synergy Drive [HSD] is a transmission that combines a planetary gear-set system that works almost exactly like a Continuously Variable Transmission [CVT] with one conventional gear change. It does not use a torque converter like a conventional automatic transmission. The computer controlled [HSD] transaxle adjusts and blends the amount of power from the [Atkinson] gasoline engine, and the electric motor-generator(s) as needed by the front drive wheels and main rechargeable batteries.

For all practical purposes, the ECCVT transmission [Called Hybrid Synergy Drive] is an electrically operated CVT transmission. CVT transmissions are well suited to Hybrid cars because they are small and they also use very little power to operate. Combined with full computerization, a CVT will provide absolute seamless power, without noticeable gear changes. It’s all part of the system, which includes the inverter and main battery pack.

You expect to be the leader in Toyota Prius Hybrid transmissions and related components. Expect us to be the main authority on Prius transmissions. Call now and speak with one of the few companies who can provide the products and information you need in terms you understand. Call GotTransmissions today.