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Affordable Sequoia Transmissions for Sale

The Toyota Sequoia is a mid-priced full sized SUV built on a truck frame. Toyota only offered an automatic transmission in said vehicle. Ranging from a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission in 2001, to a 6 speed automatic transmission in the second generation Sequoia in 2008. has all of the Toyota Sequoia transmissions for sale at everyday low prices.

All of the transmissions use a feature called lock-up. This is a feature that is part of the torque converter and is essentially like adding another forward gear, thus improving fuel mileage and lessening engine wear.

The Sequoia is a rear wheel drive vehicle, with four wheel drive optional. It uses a conventional rear wheel drive/four wheel drive setup. Nothing unusual here.

Here is an application list of transmissions to engine and or chassis type.

1. A340E 2001-2004 4.7L V8
2. A340F 2001-2004 4×4 [4 wheel drive] 4.7L V8
3. A750F 2005-2008 RWD [rear wheel drive] 5 speed 4.7L engine
4. AB60E 2008 6 speed RWD 5.7L V8 engine
5. AB60F 2008 6 speed 4×4 5.7L V8 engine

Toyota automatic transmissions are made by AW, Aisin-Warner Transmission Corporation.

Easy to identify:
A = Aisin Automatic Second last digit denotes number of gears Last digit is the Toyota series number –E=Electronic control –F=Four wheel drive –H=AWD Transverse mount engine –L=Lock-up torque converter.

FYI: AW was founded in 1949 and supplies engine, drive-train parts, including body and chassis, aftermarket, and other main automotive parts for various major manufacturers.

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