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Toyota Avalon Transmissions For Sale

The Toyota Avalon is designed to compete in the full size car market. Being Toyota’s flagship model in the US and Canada. 1995 was the first year of production. Transmission options through three generations remained simple, nothing complicated such as engine options. Which makes it easy for to stock Toyota Avalon transmissions for sale.

The first generation made from 1995 to 1999 used a four speed overdrive automatic transmission called the A541E. A transverse mounted transaxle. Meaning it mounts up front to the engine, and both mount from side to side [east to west] as opposed to longitudinal or a rear wheel drive vehicle where the engine and tranny go north to south.

The second generation also used the same transmission. The A541E was a very popular Toyota front wheel drive transmission. It was very advanced and precision built using some of the best technology available at the time. Using a fully computerized system, this was wonderful working, smooth shifting transmission that gave impeccable service as along as it received the proper regular maintenance.

From 2004 to present Toyota sold the generation three Avalon, using the U151E 5 speed automatic overdrive transaxle as the base unit and offering a 6 speed automatic transmission as an option. If you do some homework, 6 speed automatic transmissions in ”luxury sedans” are becoming the norm.

Our intention by presenting such detailed information is to provide a reason to consider us as a source to buy a replacement transmission for your car, specifically your Toyota Avalon transmission from us.

I think you will find speaking with a representative refreshing, we always spend as much time answering questions, educating and helping you determine which replacement transmission that is in your best interests. Call now. Find out how affordable a rebuilt Toyota Avalon transmission is.

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