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1999 Allison MD3560P Transmissions for Sale

Just the other day we had another inquiry for a 1999 Allison MD3560P transmission for sale. It is a 6 speed automatic transmission for medium duty to large duty school buses, trucks and commercial equipment. It is made by Allison Transmission Company and has 2 overdrive speeds. Allison is the premier supplier of commercial duty automatic transmissions in the world.

Although no longer in production, we still get regular inquiries for them since there are so many of them in use for all sorts of purposes, a versatile transmission to say the least. We inventory a 1999 Allison MD3560P transmission because those were the most popular models. Though we carry all of the entire lineup of Allison transmissions too.

We stock a large inventory of remanufactured and used Allison MD3560P Transmissions. Whether you want to purchase the Allison MD3560 Transmission for export, import or repair, our network of heavy truck yards can help you find the right truck transmission. We have sold transmissions to thousands of truckers and trucking companies around the globe with our high quality refurbished transmissions.

With the thought of remanufactured Allison transmissions as opposed to a good used one, my advise surrounds the age and abundance of said units. Although, this particular model is not in production anymore, the bigger issue is it has been out of production long enough that the best used transmissions have been scarfed up. It’s always possible to locate a used Allison MD3560P, the bigger issue is due to the decrease in supply, used transmissions can cost more than expected.

Which is why we recommend a rebuilt transmission. A rebuilt MD3560P transmission is a true bargain if I say so myself. Because our remanufacturer is uncompromising in quality, it turns out that a remanned unit is actually less expensive in the long run. Remembering of course these transmissions are used for commercial purposes where durability and reliability are number 1.

If you are looking for true value and peace of mind, read some of the testimonials from past customers. If you are not a testimonial person than call and ask the questions you need to and find out that I’m telling you the truth. Get the same service professional truckers get, Call us now. We ship within 24 hours.

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