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2.2l Honda Transmission

The Honda Odyssey Van, made from 1997 to present times used a 2.2L engine originally. The 4 speed automatic transmission used in behind the 2.2L motors had some durability issues that were serious enough for Honda to recall all vehicles and owners to submit a class action law suit for defective 2.2L Honda Transmissions.

Honda spokesmen stated that ”the four speed models had at least one if not more bearings inside the transmission that literally broke into pieces, which causes irreparable damage in certain cases.”

What happens is that once the bearing starts spalling [technical word for flaking apart] the tiny contaminants clog fluid passageways and cause valves in the valve body [transmissions brain] to stick and cause malfunctions and subsequent failure. It was not until 2004 that Honda was successful at eliminating the problem.

From what I understand, high transmission operating temperatures contributed to the failures. One of Hondas first solutions was to add an external transmission cooler in addition to the stock one to lower the temperature of the ATF [automatic transmission fluid]. BTW: Honda uses a very brand specific automatic transmission fluid. Buy it from the dealer. Don’t buy a product that ”will work” just fine instead.

Ultimately the solution to the problem was a partial redesign in the transmission to accept a stronger bearing in the weakened area. Honda and some aftermarket companies now offer a fully updated retrofit-table bearing kit [no machine work involved] for use during an overhaul to eliminate said problem.

With that in mind all 2.2L Honda transmissions produced from 1997 to 2004 were capable of having a bearing problem, having that knowledge allows us to make sure every Honda transmission [we sell] that resides behind a 2.2L engine has the proper updated bearing kit installed during a rebuild job and a few more viable upgrades to improve said unit.

If you have been searching for a Honda 2.2L transmission, it’s nice to know somebody cares enough to cure the problem before it can happen. Our re-manufacturers have a research department specifically to find problems of this sort so that they can be eliminated.

Everyone wins when a competent job has been done during the rebuilding process. That’s why GotTransmissions.com is where our customers end their friends. Call now and speak with a representative located right here in the USA and find out what your best replacement transmissions option is. We can have your transmission shipped within 24 hours of placing your order.

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