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4l60e transmission for sale

4L60E Transmission For Sale

4L60E Transmission For Sale

We have a Chevy 4l60e transmission for sale that is perfect for you. Fortunately, you did not stop to search at just another transmission replacement company. What exactly do I mean when I say that we have a 4l60e transmission for you? Simply put, we have in stock every 4l60e transmission that fits every application made by General Motors.

Did you know that there are subtle differences in nearly every 4l60e transmission depending on it’s application. For instance, a Buick Roadmaster would have a 4l60e that was programmed to shift smooth and seamlessly for maximum comfort and lifespan for a luxury car. A 2500 series pickup truck will be programmed from the factory to shift more aggressively and forcefully to exact max life out of a work truck.

Would you want a work truck transmission in your Buick? No. It would have very noticeable shifts since it was designed for a truck, most folks who have a luxury car don’t want aggressive shifts. What about the truck? Well the aggressive shifts make the transmission last longer because the extra force used to make the shifts helps carry heavy loads with more authority.

Just ordering a transmission randomly is not a good avenue to take, of course a decent company like ours will halt the progress of a random a approach and help you decide on how to approach the subject. In fact it is downright irresponsible to let a person with little or no knowledge mail order a transmission randomly.

The company has a responsibility to learn who their customers are and appeal to them in a sincere manner that is informative and understandable. The more you understand as a consumer the better decision you will make. Don’t be surprised if we Benjamin Franklin you to death. (Ask a lot of pertinent questions).

We ask a lot of questions because the more we know about the vehicle it goes into and what your usage is, the better we can serve you up the exact replacement transmission you need.

One of our most popular replacement transmission is the 4l60e. It has been extensively used in Chevrolet and all General Motors products for well over 15 years. By locating your vehicle identification number (VIN) on your registration, I guarantee we can have the exact replacement 4l60e shipped within 24 hours. Allow us to prove it. Call Now.

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