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AGS 520 transmission for sale

AGS 520 transmission for sale

AGS 520 transmission for sale

AGS, an acronym for Automated Gear Shift, which is an automated manual transmission created by Detroit Diesel to make driving easier and more efficient for drivers of ”big rigs”. More to the point, this transmission can also be called a Mercedes ”big rig” truck transmission since Mercedes and Detroit Diesel share transmission [”big rig”] technology. GotTransmissions.com has an AGS 520 transmission for sale and it’s big brother too. [the AGS 520 is also called the MBT520-60A].

The other variant is somewhat larger in design and called the MBT660-60A and is almost identical in design, but larger.

The AGS is designed after the Mercedes-Benz 6-speed manual transmission, built with components like heat treated forged steel gears and shafts, sealed ball bearings and extreme duty synchronizers for long lasting performance.

This modern day highly advanced transmission uses a TCU [transmission control unit] to smoothly change gears at the exact right time every time, taking driver error out of the equation. Thus eliminating drive-line shock and premature failures.

Many of the large semi transmissions have what is called a PTO, or power take off shaft. Essentially it is an extra drive shaft to power auxiliary equipment, as on tow trucks or delivery truck gates, for example. Some of the light duty 3500 and 4500 series trucks come with PTO setups too.

So there is no misunderstanding, this is a different transmission than the Mercedes MBT 520 transmission we sell. The MBT 520 is a car transmission, so don’t get confused. Like I said Mercedes and Detroit Diesel share technologies.

Either way we can be quite helpful when it comes to choosing a transmission to replace a worn out unit. Big rig transmissions such as the AGS 520 are a separate subject from automotive and light duty truck transmissions. That is why we employ a truck transmission expert. We are only interested in providing understandable, fast, no gimmick service, we have no smoke screens here.

Now you know how modern and technologically advanced the big trucks on the road are. If you spent the better part of everyday alone in the cab of a semi, you would need all the luxuries, believe me. Anybody that arrived here knowing what they want, pick up the phone and call our truck transmission expert. If you are reading this for the information, remember, GotTransmissions.com is your one stop transmission replacement company.

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