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Quality Shifting 4r100 transmission for sale

4r100 transmission for sale

4r100 transmission for sale

Here is a question I received. I hope it is OK with my boss to answer this popular question today concerning Ford 4r100 transmissions: Question: I have 2000 F250 7.3 with the automatic trans. It has 230,000 miles. The transmission is starting to shift hard and showing it’s age. I found your site while searching for used transmissions and pricing. I was wondering what a rebuilt trans costs?

Answer: Realistically speaking, you have a lot of miles on your transmission. Hopefully you took good care of it. The problem you suggest, harsh shifts is not necessarily an old age problem. I have seen plenty of low mileage 4r100’s develop hard shifts. The first thing to do is get off a few bucks and have a professional transmission mechanic diagnose the problem.

Diagnosing a car or truck transmission problem [or any problem for that matter] is based on the same paradigm that diagnosing an illness follows. The specialist has to see the patient. There is no way around this. We certainly can throw around some ideas, but a professional has to be the final decision maker on said problem, or it is inevitable that the wrong area will be addressed.

I suspect you are dealing with old age more than anything else. When a 4r100 develops hard shifts all of a sudden, in most cases it is related to an electrical pressure control problem or possibly an accumulator [shift shock absorber] problem. At this mileage there may be more issues to deal with so you may want to buy a replacement transmission.

If it had lower mileage, I might suggest some other ailments to look for, but a professional will check everything out so there are no surprises down the road.

I tend to agree with your assessment that a rebuilt transmission may be the smartest move and in your best interests. I don’t price transmissions. That you will have to call for. It only takes a minute. One of our transmission specialists will be able to discuss the situation with you and make a recommendation to fill your bill the best.

Remember, we know you are an uncompromising individual, that’s why you are here. Our 4r100 transmissions are rebuilt with pure value in mind. Designed to outlast your old one and beat the competition in all ways. Call now and we will have it shipped within 24 hours. GotTransmissions.com is where our customers send their friends.

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