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200r4 transmission for sale

The 200R4 transmission by Chevy through General Motors, was used in their entire line of cars from roughly 1984 to about 1990. Mostly used in the larger luxury cars and some of the midsized performance cars like the Monte Carlo Super Sport, the mid sized Turbo charged Buick and one of the mid sized Olds go-getters.

One of the first GM overdrives, which was preceded by the legendary T700R4, it was essentially a T200 (a transmission we have not discussed) which was a 3 speed automatic transmission with an overdrive section on the front. The T200R4 had a reasonable amount of success. For most of the applications it was perfect and it was a very good performance transmission, although not a durable as the T-700, which in the long run is why the T200R4 was discontinued.

Over the few years it was used, plenty of small upgrades were developed to increase it’s load ratings. There was no need for two overdrives at that point so GM dumped the T200R4 and came out with a big and durable overdrive called the T4L80E. which became the super duty GM automatic transmission for next 18 years.

As a transmission mechanic, I thought the T200R4 was good transmission for it’s intended purposes and when we took a car in with said transmission for a rebuild, it always was updated with any new or redesigned components and most importantly, a shift improver kit.

Once the transmissions were prepared in the manner we found most beneficial to our customers, we noticed many customers called back to let us know that the transmission never worked so well, even from the factory.

Input from our customers is one of the most helpful tools available to us. With the proper input we can service the industry and people who are in need of replacement transmissions with much more success than ordinary ‘junk yards’. What we found out was there are no miracles to make customers happy.

Cost is obviously one factor, but we actually found out that people are not as price sensitive as you think. We also noticed that expedient service was almost as important as quality transmissions. We think quality is the trump card for sure.

What was done is to combine all three essential ingredients into one package. Our quality is unapproachable, simply put, no one goes to more trouble to rebuild their transmission than we do, add that to same day or next day shipping and an affordable price and you have a great dish.

Value is built into every transmission we sell, quality costs less in the long run than a cheap price, when you get the best of all worlds with a warranty that proves we mean what we say, it’s hard to go wrong. Please call, and allow us to assist you in choosing the best transmission for your needs and budget.

Transmission Line

Transmission Line

Transmission Line

Transmission line, no it’s not like the grocery line or the bank line. Rather, it is a piece of metal tubing line, which transfers the automatic transmissions fluid from the transmission to the radiator cooler and an auxiliary cooler should your vehicle have one, an auxiliary cooler, that is.

Transmission cooler lines is more exact, because the idea is to allow the hot transmission fluid to cool off by traveling through the pressure transmission cooler line to the radiator and then flowing through the radiator to cool the fluid down, and return to the transmission through the return line, about 25 degrees cooler.

First off, these are simply pieces of metal brake line. Not brass or rubber. Steel. Rubber is fine to connect two lines together as long as A. The ends of the metal line are double flared so the rubber hose can not blow off. B. The length of the line is a short as comfortably possible. I recommend using two hose clamps as well on each end a rubber line connects to a metal line.

Lines are subject to several maladies. Normally what we would see the most of is a line that was against an object underneath the car, where it may be touching, thus rubbing a hole in the metal line. This will cause a leak and depending on the size of the whole, fluid will leak out of your transmission until it stops moving and causes damage.

Cooler lines develop leaks at the areas they actually hook up to the radiator or transmission. Taking a look under your car regularly will alert you if you have a leak. Essentially you will see a oily mark under the car where you park it.

The best prevention is a good maintenance plan. If you follow the factory recommendations, then you will take your car in every year or at the recommended mileage for a transmission maintenance. Any reputable transmission shop, or the dealer should check your transmission for leaks while the service is being performed, that should be part of the deal or you are going to the wrong place.

If the unfortunate happens and your transmission becomes damaged because of a transmission line leak, allow us to assist you with a realistic and affordable solution. That is our job at, solid advise, quality products and out of this world customer service. Call now.

C6 Transmission Rebuild

C6 Transmissions Rebuilt for Less

C6 Transmissions Rebuilt for Less

The C6 transmission was introduced by Ford in 1966. Figuring out what year is a piece of cake on Ford transmissions of old. The C stands for the decade, which is the 1960’s, and the number is the year in said decade. Making this the 6th year of the 6th decade. Cool, eh?

Searching for a C6 transmission rebuild can be easy if you know what to look for and what questions to ask. The reason I speak of rebuilt instead of used transmissions is that the C6 was discontinued about 17 years ago, so unless you get a used transmission that already has been rebuilt, a used unit is out of the question.

C6 transmissions are very affordable. This is a 3 speed non computerized transmission, it is about as simple as a transmission can get. Which means the consumer benefits monetarily from a lack of electrical components and complicated computers to exchange during a rebuild. To the laymen it is anything but simple, describing a rebuild job to the consumer is like describing a lobotomy, it’s all a foreign language.

The C6 is a large heavy duty transmission and was the Ford answer to the GM T400 and the Chrysler Torqueflite, all of which were big, durable and very successful automatic transmissions that had minimal problems even under extreme usage.

The base job of rebuilding an C6 is the same as any transmission, but the C6 needs few updates for improvement. In the majority of cases an upgrade shift improver kit is the only upgrade needed. Ford used Raybestos clutches from the factory, which are on line with Borg Warner clutches as the premium clutch and brake band products on the market.

A manufactured torque converter is part of the deal when you buy a rebuilt C6 from us. We highly recommend an auxiliary transmission cooler as a good long life add on and always use synthetic automatic transmission fluid. Non synthetic ATF is not used in anything anymore, so don’t accept non synthetic fluid. I would speculate any good transmission replacement shop will use synthetic fluids only.

Buying a C6 transmission rebuild for sale is easy if you know who to deal with online. Ask us any questions you need answered, education is our middle name. We have proven to our customers over many years that we offer top grade rebuilds backed by unparalleled warranty’s, and have your transmission of need in stock, pre-tested and ready to ship ASAP, to get you back on the road. Allow us to assist you , Call now.

R154 Transmission For Sale

R154 Transmission For Sale

R154 Transmission For Sale

The R154 is rear wheel drive transmission is made by Toyota. It’s a 5 speed gearbox (5 forward gears + reverse). It is also a rear wheel drive transmission. As with most Toyota drive-line components, the R154 is of quality design and construction. Unfortunately as always seems to be the case with modern technology, there is always an Achilles heal.

The R154 is a conventional 5-speed gearbox, with 5 forward gears and a straight-cut reverse gear. The reason for the strength of the gearbox is plain to see even by the naked eye. The external casing and the gears themselves are credibly sized for a performance-oriented gearbox.

The weak point, however, is the first gear thrust washer. Being of a cast construction, this part is prone to failure if the box is maltreated. In most known cases this is a result of one (or a combination of!) three things:

* abuse or misuse of the gearbox
* no lubrication/wrong lubrication
* big-horsepower applications

The easiest fix for this weakness is to lighten up on the gearbox and treat it with respect. For gearbox owners with less self-control, the best option is to have the gearbox broken down and reassembled with a new thrust washer made of chromoly for added strength.

With the above thought in mind, the transmission is very suitable for it’s intended purposes. From browsing a few web forums on Toyota performance subjects, folks who insist on abusing or racing with too much horsepower may benefit from using the stronger model V16x gearbox from a Mk4 Supra. These are much stronger and more widely proven behind big-horsepower 2JZ engine combination’s.

The R154 was discontinued in 2001. There are a bunch of these venerable units littering the bone yards. It’s not hard to find one at the ‘local junk yard’ cheap. What you get is called pot luck. Maybe it is good and maybe not. To eliminate this feeling of having to guess what you might get, I have a solution.

It’s called What we have is a time honored company who has access to much more prevalent resources than a ‘junk yard’ at prices that are very competitive, so if the price is the same, who would not want the better product?

We don’t sell ‘junk’ and that’s why we are called a ‘transmission recycler’. The used Toyota transmissions we sell are pre-tested, and lots of older transmissions don’t pass the test, and guess where they end up, at the local junk yard? Of course we are not limited to selling only good used transmissions, we sell rebuilt manual transmission also, upgraded with a better first gear thrust washer along with all new bearings and synchronizers.

If in doubt, give us a call and allow us to provide some education and help in order for you to buy the best R154 transmission for sale Toyota. We also have every certified transmission in stock and packaged for immediate shipment to get you back on the road asap.

700R4 Transmission For Sale

700R4 Transmission For Sale at

700R4 Transmission For Sale at

Not much new to say about the venerable 700R4 transmission Chevy by General Motors. Used almost exclusively by Chevy and GM in nearly every circumstance an automatic overdrive transmission was deemed necessary. Other automatic overdrives were available for General Motors cars, their success never equaled that of the T700 and those were eventually dropped.

It was discontinued in about 1992 or ’93 for the computerized version called a 4L60E. Although the design was barely changed except for using full electronic controls. I’m a GM person and without being too biased, would say that the 700 may be the best and most impact-full transmission ever made. I think a lot of people agree with me.

It would be hard to find a good used unit with low miles, as I mentioned they were discontinued in roughly 1992. With that in mind, a rebuilt T700R4 is the obvious choice. I think the cost will surprise you, on the low and affordable side, so bear with me.

I own a mint condition 1988 GMC 1 ton 4 wheel drive pickup (not a duallie) which I bought brand new on Feb. 16th 1988. It only has 94,000 miles on it. I adore my truck, it is not very fancy and has few luxuries except for air conditioning, I challenge any new truck owners truck to out drive my gem, track better, stop better and have the same sold ride control. Ha, Ha!

But that is not my point. When I bought it it had a 3 speed automatic transmission in it, which worked great, but without overdrive it got 10 miles per gallon, period. In about 2000 before I sold my transmission shop of 26 years (sold in 2006), I decided to swap the 3 speed for a T-700R4, I wanted better gas mileage. Turned out to get 15 to 16 on the highway, not great, but what an improvement.

I’ll get more involved in the changeover at another time, suffice it to say it is almost a complete factory bolt in, basically unnoticeable if done right. What I want to mention is how we rebuilt the transmission and why updating it at that time is so important.

After a complete disassemble job and clean up with ultrasonic equipment we got down to brass tacks. We used one grade better than factory original clutch plates (called hi-energy), a factory seal and gasket set, all brand new bushings and bearings, hi-energy band, and an update kit. We installed all upgraded parts, a rebuilt torque converter, an auxiliary transmission cooler and used fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid.

So, my point is not my truck, but the way the transmission was prepared and installed. If you are serious about choosing the right T700R4 transmission for sale and need one fast, we can be very helpful to you and meet or exceed your expectations. Every rebuilt transmission we sell gets the same treatment. Call us anytime for more information because everyday is 700R4 sale day.

T5 Transmission For Sale

T5 Transmission For Sale

T5 Transmission For Sale

The T5 manual transmission is manufactured by Borg Warner Corporation. Being a transmission shop owner for over 25 years, of which I sold 4 and a half years ago and came to work for Brian, the owner of, it’s possible that I worked on more B/W transmissions than any other brands. The T5 transmission for sale in this post might be the most popular and widely used B/W transmission ever made if not the most popular 5 speed of all times.

You name he brand of car, and if it has a 5 speed, there is a good chance the T5 is the transmission. General Motors made use of the T5 in all of their high performance cars from the time a 5 speed manual was introduced to the world. Every high performance car they made with a 5 speed came with the T5. Plenty of non performance cars with manual transmissions used this popular unit.

Ford made use of the B/W T5 in Mustangs, F-150 pickups and many of their mid sized cars that were ordered with a 5 speed. It seemed like the perfect 5 speed transmission. It was easy to fit in nearly any brand of car at the manufacturing plants, which was one reason they became so popular. But they were able to take a great deal of use without failure, and that proved to be the perfect recipe, at that time.

For instance, Jeep made great use of the T5 in it’s CJ series for years. And Toyota used the T5 or AX5 as they named it in all sorts of utility vehicles for years. Success breeds success, so it’s easy to see why this transmission was so popular. If you read more about Borg Warner transmissions on our blog, you will see they also infiltrated the world with automatic transmissions too.

The versatility and success was a result of passing the test of time, Borg Warner produced the T5 from 1982 to 2002. Which is an historically long run for any transmission. Of course nowadays, we are getting used to 6 speeds and more, so the 5 speed transmissions like the T5 are becoming outdated.

Don’t be shy about speaking with a representative at our facility, our goal is to decipher these confusing situations and explain everything you need to know in terms you understand. We want to sell you your new Borg Warner T5 transmission for sale, one that suits your budget and needs, then get it shipped to you asap, that way can get back to working or picking up the groceries.

Jeep Transmissions For Sale

When the title says Jeep Transmissions For Sale, that is a bit vague. Jeep has been producing vehicles since 1941. In that frame of time Jeep experimented and used a variety of transmissions. None of which were actually manufactured by Jeep Corporation themselves. Borg Warner Corporation has produced Jeep transmissions from the beginning and continues to supply some of the Jeep manual transmissions.

Borg Warner also made most of the automatic transmissions. In the mid ’80’s B/W was supplanted by Toyota as one of the main automatic transmission suppliers. The funny thing is that lots of Toyota transmissions are manufactured by Aisin Warner (A/W), which is a subsidiary of B/W. So it’s a small world in a certain sense.

The latest transmissions Jeep has made good use of are Chrysler transmissions, the automatic overdrive units in particular. Without getting so involved in the details of every vehicle Jeep has produced (which might be impossible), including their biggest buyers, the Military Jeeps, it’s sufficient to say Jeep always had good taste in transmissions.

Some of the advise I can levy on you is that depending on what year and model Jeep you have, it may be necessary to buy a rebuilt transmission to satisfy your needs. Understanding that an old Military Jeep, or just an older model Jeep may be handicapped when it comes to locating good used transmissions, unless you buy a core for you to rebuild.

As you get into more modern Jeeps, for instance from the mid ’90’s, the odds jump exponentially in the odds of locating good used transmissions, if that is your choice. Of course, used transmissions have to meet our standards before we will sell them, we are not your everyday ”junk yard”.

What you need to know is how hard we work not to be just another ordinary recycling yard. Our standards, which are derived from the boss, are higher than our competitions, and we put ethics and morals above ”just making the sale”. We test every transmission that flows into here before it is crated up and ready to ship.

We work very hard to supply any sort of rebuilt or replacement transmissions for your Jeep. It’s seems like an easy recipe. We supply you with any amount of education you feel the need for, then present the products we have to suit your best interests. We also have the most efficient delivery service available, noting many people are in a bad spot and it costs big time without your wheels. Call Now.

PS. Know what JEEP stands for? Jumps Everything Except Payments!!

Transmissions Appreciate Your Respect

My buddy is a real aggressive driver and when he backs up he just slams it into drive while going backwards. That’s a bad move with automatic transmissions. I hesitate to advise him, I think he might take it the wrong way. We are friends and I only advise customers or readers of my blog. Basically he is an aggressive force on the road. It’s hard on a vehicle to drive it aggressively all the time.

In his defense, he takes impeccable care of it. Has it detailed every 2 weeks, does service and maintenance right on schedule every time. He also gets it fixed asap when it needs repair service. I want to speak on the issues of slamming a vehicle in drive before you stop going backwards.

The particular design of the transmission in his 2005 Ford F-150 is susceptible to a breakage issue when driven this way. Speaking of design issues, we are talking about how the different components apply and hold each gear until it is time to release and change gears. Band type transmissions use ”brake bands” which tighten around a spinning drum to stop the drum when the brake band is applied or squeezed.

When the transmission (4R55E) is in (D) drive, the forward clutch plates are holding and the input sprag clutch is holding. Lets say you decide to put the vehicle in low (L) gear to take off, well in that case, the low/reverse band applies as well, which adds a lot of extra holding power under extreme towing or pulling circumstances. Which is nice to know and also can save a major transmission failure under extreme circumstances.

So, when you are in (D) drive only the forward clutches and forward sprag clutch work and in (L) low we have an additional holding device, the low/reverse band applying, thus adding more capacity to your transmission. When a driver slams a car or truck into drive while still rolling backwards, the input sprag is stressed out beyond it’s capacity.

In order to eliminate some avoidable transmission failures, understand that the extra 5 seconds it takes to fully stop and engage drive while at a stop is a good tip to practice on any car. If you have a truck or are in a difficult position when taking off, pull the shift lever into (L) low and use the extra holding power to your advantage.

Use this transmission tip and others located throughout our blog to help reduce the chances of a transmission failure. Our specialty is supplying transmissions to replace broken or worn out units. We enjoy providing tips and solid helpful information to help prevent transmission problems.

Please read more of our blog, if you arrived here because you are looking for a transmission for sale, allow us to educate you in a manner that will give you the power to decide which transmission is in your best interests, that is our main goal. Ask about our extensive warranty plans and don’t forget that some of our transmissions ship free of cost. Getting you the product ASAP so you can back on the road is our second most important goal.

Isuzu NPR Truck Transmssions

Isuzu NPR Truck Transmissions

Isuzu NPR Truck Transmissions


Answer: What I will tell you is an educated guess. It is imperative that you take the truck to the dealer or a qualified transmission replacement company for a diagnosis. Without a personal inspection and diagnosis, it’s all a bunch of meaningless words.

Dude, you broke the input sprag. That is the pop. Theoretically speaking, when you take off in drive (D) the forward clutches and input sprag are holding, thus producing a forward motion. When the input sprag breaks, it will not move forward in drive. When you put the selector in low (L) or first (1) the truck moves because the low/reverse band is applied at that point.

The idea behind applying the L/R band is for added holding power in situations like yours. Why you are not told this and no warning sticker is in your face to let you know about this feature is beyond me. This is not a unique design either. A few other transmission that don’t need to be mentioned right now have the same issues when forced to pull a too large load or used incorrectly, and they break the same parts.

NPR’s are really tough trucks, so either the tranny was ready to give out, or you were abusing it. In the future, put it in Low when you have a heavy load or are in a sticky spot when you take off.

As I said, this is pure speculation combined with 30 plus years as a transmission rebuilder and diagnostician. A diagnosis is the only way to prove it. Most shops don’t even charge the diagnosis if you get it fixed there.

My suggestion if you need to replace this normally very durable transmission is to start with a Call to and discuss your needs and budget with a medium duty truck transmission specialist. We have a transmission waiting to ship out immediately, thus getting you back to work asap. Call now and let us council you so we make sure your best interests are covered.

jdm transmissions for sale

Certified JDM Transmissions For Sale

Certified JDM Transmissions For Sale

Whats the deal on JDM? What does that mean and how is it associated with transmissions? No one really explains it very well. JDM is an acronym for Japanese domestic market. It applies to more types of products than automobile parts, such as used Japanese transmissions for sale. At least in relation to automotive parts and transmissions, here is the scoop:

Japan has annual safety and emissions checks called Shaken. This applies to cars over two
years old. Much of the testing is overly detailed and very invasive, checking out components that are relatively innocuous and harmless at such low mileage. The result is many cars fail the test and are restricted from road usage unless repairs are made.

The main purpose of these over strict regulations is to force Japanese consumers to keep
purchasing new cars, ensuring that a domestic industry will exist. It amounts to welfare, making those Japanese poorer who don’t work in the auto industry, so that those who do will get richer. It’s a form of a redistributive tax, basically, and it prevents the government from having to look bad by directly subsidizing the industry through general tax revenues.

It also makes mechanical work very expensive in Japan, since less repairs are being performed to cars. Mechanics command a premium for repairs, which may be part of the reason for so many cars being traded at such low mileage.

JDM transmissions have low mileage, but typically have spent a few more hours sitting idle in traffic. Although it’s a hard argument to make that a transmission with 40,000 miles or less is not a bargain for a used transmission. Especially if the transmission was maintained.

Also, Japanese transmissions until recently had some small technical differences from the USDM, (another acronym, United States Domestic Market) vehicles. This means that if you buy a JDM transmission, it’s vitally important to deal with a transmission replacement company that is well informed on all interchangeability issues between JDM transmissions to an American version of the same car.

JDM transmissions may have different gear ratios to suit local driving conditions, and may also have other differing features that may impede a straight bolt-on attempt. This, possibly is one of the main reasons has qualified to sell JDM transmissions, leaving the issues behind. Get back on the road fast.

It’s our responsibility as one of the premier used transmission replacement companies to make sure we outfit our customers with exactly what you need. One call is all it takes to build your confidence. Our experienced transmission salespeople will make sure you get an exact match replacement transmission that suits your budget and best interests.