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Used Colorado Transmission 4L60E

1992 was the first year of release for the replacement of the 700R4 gearbox. The new model, known as the 4L60E, was expected to lead the automatic transmissions market at General Motors. The update to the turbo-hydramatic units proved to be a success and thousands of vehicles have used the 4L60E technology. Buying a used Colorado transmission 4L60E unit from this website is completely hassle-free for U.S. consumers.

A change to the transmission codes was just the beginning for General Motors in the early 1990s. The actual pattern of the solenoid was change to provide different on or off patterns. This is evident in the 4L60E and subsequent models. The Colorado is just one of the newer trucks in the GM lineup that continues to use this cutting-edge automative manufacturing technology.

4WD Gearboxes and Engine Combinations

There are five separate engines that have been used to power the Colorado truck series after it replaced the S10. The smallest is the 2.8 and the 2.9 editions. A V8 option was included when the 3.5 and 3.7 were offered to truck owners. The thing that has not changed is the electronic shift control. Between 2004 and 2010, the 4L60E has been the accepted choice as the number Colorado gearbox type available.

When buying used GM/Chevy transmissions, a person can often have questions about life expectancy of each component. The initial warranties for most transmissions are up to 75,000 miles although many truck owners get more mileage than that out of their vehicles. What it takes is not modifying the gearbox with a shift kit and making sure the solenoid is in working order.

Chevy Colorado 4L60E Transmission Problems

One reported problem is that due to the lack of a reverse gear the clutch assembly can wear down. Debris can form in the opening and cause intermittent shifting problems. Some truck owners have reported direct problems with the throttle position sensor. While some people choose to have a transmission rebuilt, buying one in used condition that has been validated as a good unit is helpful.

Where to Buy Preowned 4L60E Transmissions

GotTransmissions.com has been the source of thousands of satisfied truck owners over the past decade in America who buy replacement gearboxes online. The low price, free of charge warranty and expedited shipping are some of the reasons people visit this website to buy replacement auto components. A direct price of any used Colorado truck transmission can be obtained while accessing the warehouse inventory finder at the top of this page.

1999 Acura Integra GS Transmission for sale

1999 acura integra GS transmission

1999 Acura Integra GS Transmission

Explore 1999 Acura Integra GS transmission inventory from one of the largest U.S. retailers for used gearboxes online. Did you know Got Transmissions carries Honda replacement parts? You can find helpful information right on this detail page for the 1999 Integra transmissions. Don’t buy a preowned unit from an auction website until you read the information offered here first.

When buying a transmission from a Honda retailer, there are always differences in quality. Not every company supplies A1 or A2 level units. What this means is that the authenticity of each unit is either certified or not certified. There are JDM parts made in Japan and those created for the American market. The Integra vehicle series is one of the builds that can feature multiple versions of manufactured transmissions.

Specs for 1999 Acura Integra Grand Sport Transmissions

The Integra vehicles depend on a transverse mounted motor. This means that the engine is positioned differently to help modify the performance and air flow. Honda and Aisin worked together to produce the two solid gearboxes found in the 1999 and later GS vehicles. The four-speed automatic is the base gearbox while the five-speed manual is meant for mechanical performance.

There are six total gears in the transmissions found in the Integra GS. This gear count includes reverse. The four-speed automatic is controlled with a GLCS. This is Honda technology known as a Grade Logic Control System. This is standard on all GS and LS motor vehicles produced in the mid 1990s.

What to Know Before Buying Integra GS Transmissions

Not every transmission Honda sells includes an LSD. This can be found inside some Integra editions. The GS and GSR are two vehicles that have experimented with this technology. The limited slip differential provides a dual shaft combination. A person can easily identify a Honda transmission with an LSB buy examining a photograph. The letters LSD are always stamped on the top of the steel housing. This provides effortless validation.

Buy 1999 Acura Integra GS Transmission for Sale Online

There are two methods of sales processing that are offered by Got Transmissions. Each of these sales routes involves the generation of a current sticker price quote. Prices must be accurate to help a person out during the review process. The quotation form on this website makes it really simple to begin reviewing 1999 GS transmission costs for each unit.

Once a person reviews the gearbox, a buy link is provided with each quote. This can help complete a transaction through the e-commerce platform. There are always associates ready to deliver a price by phone if a person chooses to use this method. The nationwide number on this website is the sales, information and requests line in the USA.

1999 Acura Integra GSR Transmission

1999 acura integra transmission

1999 Acura Integra GSR Transmission

A consumer can buy 1999 Acura Integra GSR transmission from a reputable resource like Got Transmissions online. Learning how to make a purchase and the history of the gearboxes used in Honda vehicles is crucial to a great experience. The GSR vehicles were first created in the mid 1990s and are known for a popular engine and gearbox combo. Taking the necessary time to evaluate the process of examining a transmission can be a big help.

Integra vehicles use a transverse mounted motor. This is known as a front engine setup. This design provides the use of both manual and automatic transmissions. Honda relied on a five-speed manual to promote the GSR brand to enthusiasts. The four-speed automatic edition was the base gearbox found in the standard Integra vehicles. The GLCS or Grade Logic Control System was used to electronically control the four-speed editions.

Specs of the 1999 Acura Integra GSR Transmission

There are different needs for automotive consumers who purchase vehicles. Honda Motor Company takes this into consideration when building automotive parts. The five-speed transmissions in the GSR use a combination of manual components. The clutch cable, flywheel, clutch hydraulic hose, pilot bearing and shaft seals work in combination with the manual offerings of the five-speed. A clutch slave cylinder is also used as part of the complete drive train.

The designs of the S80 transmission helped to power the Integra powertrain. Earlier instances of the Y80 transmissions were unsuccessful for the GSR series. The standard transmissions used in the early 1990s were upgraded after the 1994 year. Some of these builds included LSD, or limited slip differential, depending on the design of the vehicle. Most of these editions can be identified by a large LSD stamp on the transmission housing.

Facts About Integra S80 Transmissions in GSR Honda Integra

The B16A is the base motor found in most Honda vehicles in production until 2001. The 1.8L motor included in the GSR is a VTEC engine. There are six types of gearboxes used inside of Integra cars built over a 15-year period. These are the Y1, Y21, Y80, S80 and 54C. Not all of these units had an LSD as part of the configuration. All gear ratios were similar although can vary depending on the stamped code used by Honda as an identifier.

The hydraulic drive inside of the manual five-speed is what is most sought after in the GSR transmissions. A small change between this technology and what is found is automatic gearboxes by Honda can be confusing. The JDM market can be crowded when searching for a replacement unit. Knowing the facts about used Honda transmissions and how to spot what is needed is the key. Buying from Got Transmissions takes the work out of independent research.

How to Buy 1999 Acura Integra GSR Transmission Assemblies

A person who is making the jump towards tuning a vehicle or buying replacement parts should know how to buy a Honda transmission. There are used parts, rebuilt assemblies and OEM components that are available. What is portrayed by GotTransmissions.com is based around preowned inventory. The transmissions for sale are all out of the standard OEM warranty range, but are always protected with a one-year plan in the U.S.

There is a complete sales staff waiting to provide information and tips about changing out a JDM transmission. The toll-free phone number can be dialed to request this information. A person who needs a VIN match can easily find out if a used S80 transmission is the right part needed. Requests for an online quotation can be submitted direct from the open tool on this page. Inventory from 1990 through to the current year is readily available.

2005 Ford Focus ZX4 Transmissions for Sale


2005 Ford Focus ZX4 Transmissions for Sale

Focus is one of the Ford brands that varies depending on trim level and engine size. Owners of Ford vehicles who are ready to replace an automatic transmission can be limited on options. Got Transmissions provides online resources to review and compare different 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 transmissions for sale. This creates an easy structure for a person to buy a gearbox used.

The four-door Focus had its first major change since 1999 with the launch of the 2005 series. Instead of only one trim model, Ford combined the specs into multiple builds. The ZX4 is one of the models that were added. Before a gearbox is changed in these editions, it is helpful to know if the model is a S, SES, ST or SE edition Focus. The 2.0 Zetec engine size is only one indication of gearbox compatibility.

Buy F427E Focus Transmissions for ZX4 Sedans Online

Ford Motor Company has set the standard for designing automatic transmissions. The automatic overdrive is a technology that is still in use today in vehicles like the Focus and Fusion. The 2.0 Zetec engines used in the 2005 year provide 130 horsepower that matches the four-speed 4F27E in the ZX4. The 4F27E is the transmission that a person replacing a problematic Focus gearbox should buy.

Buying preowned Ford transmission assemblies can be cheaper for Focus car owners. It is not always cost effective to purchase a reverse drum or similar part due to dealership costs. A low mileage transmission is always the best option. This GotTransmissions.com website supplies traction control and regular edition overdrive Focus gearboxes. These 2005 ZX4 replacement transmissions are hand selected for optimum quality.

Prices for Automatic 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 Transmissions

A quotation tool is programmed for any person to explore while researching the cost of a Focus transmission. The standard rebuilt, remanufactured or reconditioned assembly pricing that is found online is usually two times what a used unit will cost. The price reviews that are offered using the automatic quotes tool on this website makes transmission shopping easy for everyone. All deals on Ford gearboxes presented include the cost of freight.

Price markdowns are one way to save when buying any gearbox. A person who has questions is not always supported by third party transmission resellers. Any request can be placed through the toll-free number found for consumer use here. A team works seven days a week to provide helpful information about Ford Focus transmissions. Information about compatible ZX4 fluid types, VIN numbers and three-year warranties are always provided during each call.

2008 Dodge Dakota Transmissions for Sale

2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission

2008 Dodge Dakota Transmissions for Sale

Dakota is sometimes referred to as the Ram Dakota due to similarities in construction. The 2008 models were released as part of the third generation of production in North America for the Dakota truck series. There are several gearboxes in use for the ND platform trucks in the Chrysler family. Got Transmissions provides an easy outlet to buy used 2008 Dodge Dakota transmissions for sale.

The two main motors used in the four-door Dakota trucks were PowerTech technologies. The 3.7 and 4.7 are both borrowed Jeep engines that were first installed by Chrysler in the early 1990s Jeep SUVs. Because these engines are similar in cubic inch size, there were few modifications to the gearboxes. The platforms that are used successfully in the 2008 year are the 42RLE, Getrag manual and 545RFE automatic editions.

Used Factory Transmissions for Dodge Dakota Trucks

Chrysler developed its own gearbox technologies for usage in the mid 2000 series trucks. The Ultradrive editions known as 42RLE have been used in most truck and SUV applications. These are four-speed configurations that provide the entry-level shifting required for V6 Dodge truck motors. The upgraded 5-speed models rely on the Chrysler RFE platform used strictly in Chrysler vehicles.

The factory transmissions for sale through this website do feature the outsourced Getrag 238 editions that require manual operation. These were used towards the tail end of the production of the Dakota. While there are 2008 trucks that use this edition, these have been reserved as add-ons for 2005 to 2011 Ram Dakota pickups. All styles of gearboxes for the late model trucks are priced and sold through this very website.

How to Buy 2008 Dodge Dakota Transmissions for Sale

Gearboxes that are an OEM replacement for the Club Cab, Crew Cab are now available for retail sale. This means no searching through deadbeat offline source to find auto parts for sale. The used transmissions inventory for the Dodge, Chrysler-Fiat brands on this website provides an authentic buying source. Requesting a quote using the tools provided on this page provides the first step of the buying process.

The Got Transmissions company supports lookups for Dodge transmission compatibility for any U.S. caller. The toll-free number established on this resource provides access to transmissions experts. Any used Dodge transmission buyer can find out pricing, MPG for compatible engines and what type of transmission fluid is needed for maintenance when calling. The 2008 Dakota transmissions support here is unmatched.

1999 Chevy Lumina Transmissions for Sale

chevy lumina transmission

1999 Chevy Lumina Transmissions for Sale

The Lumina gained its popularity in the late 1980s as one of the new builds in the General Motors company. The sedan style of the Lumina helped set the pace for future production in the passenger vehicle lineup. The strength of this class of vehicles was helped by quality gearboxes. The Got Transmissions company supplies 1999 Chevy Lumina transmissions for sale at prices well below retail.

There are two types of automatic transmissions used for the Lumina vehicles in the U.S. market. The first build used was the trusted 4L60E. This series has been the most faithful for GM over the past 25 years. The upgrade to the 4T65E units was offered towards the end of the Lumina production in the 2001 year. Buyers of replacement gearboxes have more than one choice using this Internet resource to find inventory for sale.

Late 1990s Lumina Transmissions: V6 Engine Compatible

The two different gearbox builds were meant to be compatible with the various V6 engines selected for Chevy Lumina cars. The 3.1 entry-level motor and the larger 3.8 editions are often used alongside the automatic transmissions due to performance. The history of the Lumina would not be complete without mention of the reliability of the auto gearboxes produced by General Motors.

The 2001 cease of production for the Lumina has complicated the second hand auto parts market. Not every retailer has the capability to find quality stock that is resold to the public. Buying a used Lumina transmission online is not easy for some consumers. GotTransmissions.com has created its public resource to overview the history of GM transmissions and introduce a low price point to the public.

How to Buy Used Chevy Lumina Transmissions Online

A simplistic process of price review and purchasing exist through this helpful resource. Being a first-time or multiple purchase customer can still bring a level of difficulty at the point of sale. The ways to buy a transmission through this resource offers a prompt method for U.S. consumers. The quotation system for used gearboxes presented on this page is the first step for most buyers.

Getting immediate assistance for 4L60E or 4T65E transmissions can be helpful to the purchase decision process. A staff awaits all callers through the toll-free number in place for customer service here. These professionals provided seven days a week support for all information requests. The lowest price points possible are supplied for all second hand General Motors transmissions promoted here at Got Transmissions.

2005 Chrysler Sebring Transmissions for Sale

2005 Chrysler Sebring Transmissions for Sale

2005 Chrysler Sebring Transmissions for Sale

Sebring is known in the U.S. and global markets for its luxury. The late 2000s series of motor vehicles produced under the Sebring nameplate include multiple gearboxes. A person beginning to search for a replacement transmission has more than one decision to make. GotTransmissions.com supplies what could be the most definitive source for used 2005 Chrysler Sebring transmissions for sale on the Internet.

The original production by Chrysler in 1994 paired the Sebring up with the standard 41TE gearbox. The edition provided automatic shifting until the 2000 year. The 41TE transmission has been used in other vehicles and has gained a reputation for longevity. A five-speed manual gearbox has been offered since the first generation of production for the Sebring. These are optional and available for retail purchase.

What Transmissions are Used in Chrysler Sebring Cars?

After the 41TE builds, an upgrade to Ultradrive technologies was initiated. This provided more control and a smooth shifting transition. Most of the 2005 and later editions feature the F4A42 and F4A51 builds. These were updated four-speed configurations that are featured in the sellable inventory on this website. Chrysler did outsource production of gearboxes throughout the Sebring production years.

There are five and some six-speed builds that are available for 2005 and later Sebring motor vehicles. The companies tapped to build these units were Magna, Aisin and Getrag. These OEM builds are part of what can be purchased while using the Got Transmissions company as a used supplier. The history of luxury Chrysler vehicles is well represented for consumers searching online for gearboxes for sale.

How to Buy a Chrysler Sebring 2005 or Later Transmission

The absolute first step to complete is to submit a quote request through this page. The database tool located on the top of the page is available 24/7. This instantly explores the units in stock and displays current sale prices. This digital technology is the method of price discovery that is moving Got Transmissions well into the 21st century. A quote request is free of charge and offers simplistic comparisons with other retailers.

There is a phone method of finding used Chrysler transmissions prices available. The U.S. based customer service team provides more than part number lookups. The work these professionals provide ensures there are no compatibility issues with ordered gearboxes. Quality and mileage are explained in a normal phone call as well as warranties that are offered. Buying a used Sebring transmission is super simple here.

Used 1999 Kia Sportage Transmissions for Sale

Kia Sportage Transmission

Used 1999 Kia Sportage Transmissions for Sale

Kia offered two standard transmission types for its Sportage during the first generation of production. This period lasted from 1993 to 2004 in the U.S. market. Because most of the motors were Mazda based, the transmissions were designed to work comfortably with four-cylinder motors. Got Transmissions is a national resource to find used 1999 Kia Sportage transmissions for sale with low prices online.

The base transmission in the Sportage is the four-speed automatic. These editions formed the based shifting pattern until the inclusion of the five-speed models. The standard units have been used in other vehicle brands by automakers as a way to test the compatibility. The Sportage gearbox is unique because it requires validated transmission fluid from Kia or licensed third parties.

Sportage Transmissions for Sale: Four-Speed or Five-Speed

The five-speed units that were started in 1995 were also used in the 1999 year. The manual option has been one of the selling points for Kia in the past two decades. The offering of stick shift editions in place of automatic builds is still common with import automakers. The four and five-speed units that are listed for sale in the shippable inventory at GotTransmissions.com is inspected and ready for sale.

Part of the quality of a used transmissions does not come from the manufacturing process. The care that is put forth by car owners can do a lot to help to longevity of a gearbox. The units that are announced for public sale through this resource are evaluated builds. This means that a real person has verified mileage and quality prior to offering these preowned units for sale. This has improved the Kia gearbox quality.

How to Buy Used Kia Transmissions Online

A price quote is simple to request when viewing this website. An automated tool does all of the work involved with reviewing transmission prices. A request is put through the system that includes the 1999 year or other year needed. The make or model of Kia vehicles are selected and a complete price quote is displayed. This method is preferred by most online engine buyers.

A phone quote option is also part of the offerings at the Got Transmissions company. A real person always answers the calls and requests for information using the toll-free number supplied. It is necessary sometimes for a VIN number check to be completed before a price is given out. This can take place over the phone and takes seconds. All sale pricing is then provided to domestic callers.

Used Nissan Quest Transmissions for Sale

Used Nissan Quest Transmissions

Used Nissan Quest Transmissions for Sale

Nissan Quest is one of the ventures that Ford Motor Company helped to create in the early 1990s. Partnerships with Nissan helped to promote the Quest in two different forms in the U.S. The Mercury Villager and the Quest both share the same engines and transmissions. Got Transmissions is one of the only national sources still selling used Nissan Quest transmissions for sale with retro pricing.

Ford was involved in the Quest until 2002 when the Quest became its own brand in the USA. There were several gearboxes selected and used in the production. The van series for Nissan and Ford relied upon six-cylinder motors. These were configured as 3.0, 3.3 and 3.5 respectively. The transmissions that were created for use with these editions were split between old and new technology.

Nissan Quest Transmissions: Automatic and CVT

Technologies are a big part of auto parts in the global market. The traditional four-speed automatic builds that were used in the early editions of the Quest were based on parts used in the Maxima. Later development helped introduce a five-speed edition that providing shifting enhancements. The 2010 year marked new changes for the Quest minivan as the CVT gearboxes were used.

The constantly variable transmission assemblies can be hard to locate as used editions on the Internet. This GotTransmissions.com resource places emphasis on all of the manufactured units to please purchasers of parts. Both Quest and Villager gearboxes produced by Ford and Nissan can be reviewed while using the resources offered on this page.

How to Buy Used Nissan Quest Transmissions Online

There are two levels of sticker price distribution used here. A person who is researching the history of Nissan transmissions can easily request the current prices. The first level of price distribution comes from the digitized quotation tool. This system was installed exclusively for the public to use. All requests begin with the year and make of each Quest van requiring a transmission.

The second level of distribution comes from a toll-free phone number. Calls that are placed to this number are answered by trained experts. Knowing the types of van gearboxes that are available helps all callers. Direct sticker prices are offered through the phone call method. Information about the two-year parts warranties and shipping are also provided to the public.

Used Toyota Rav4 Transmissions for Sale

toyota gearboxes for sale

Used Toyota Rav4 Transmissions for Sale

Rav4 is one of the many sport utility vehicle brands offered by the Toyota company. This series was launched in 1994 as one of the first national mini SUV brands. The performance and sales success with this vehicle series has created more interest in replacement motors and used transmissions. Got Transmissions is one of the largest Internet resources to locate used Toyota Rav4 transmissions for sale featured low sticker pricing.

There have been multiple engines used inside the Rav4 that correspond with transmission changes. The change over to the crossover SUV design made it possible to introduce both 4×2 and 4×4 builds. The standard four-speed automatic gearboxes are the foundation transmissions for Rav4 SUVs. These are by far the most common type that is requested as used condition assemblies.

Rav4 Transmissions: CVT, Four-Speed, Five-Speed or Six-Speed

Most of the early designs borrowed from the Corolla. Because this best-selling car series lead the way for Toyota, a percentage of parts were used to build up the new brands. This caused a change in the transmission types. Toyota introduced the optional five-speed manual gearboxes as one shifting change. This was matched in more recent years with the entrance of six-speed and CVT types.

When replacing a Rav4 transmission, a parts buyer should be conscious of the mileage count. A used gearbox is only as good as the retailer that sold the unit. There are some quality issues that are found with older gearbox brands in all speeds. Got Transmissions is one company that specializes in locating most cost effective units from distributors and still providing a sale price structure.

How to Buy Used Toyota Rav4 Transmissions Online

Virtual price quotations are a method of delivery for sticker pricing in use here. A choice is offered to consumers who plan to make a used transmission purchase online. A simple review of prices is now supplied through a quotes tool. This is located on more than 1000 pages on this website. Access to the quotes provides no doubt in the sale price and other incentives that are provided.

A toll-free phone number is always in use through this resource. Any Rav4 SUV owner, parts buyer, mechanic or other purchaser interested in quotes can call the number setup for U.S. use. Any build that is in stock and promoted is easy to quote using the phone number provided. No person is without parts warranty or rapid shipped when using GotTransmissions.com as a used transmissions supplier.