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Don’t Confuse Us with Jasper Transmissions

When it came down to brass tacks, we felt there was no better way to distinguish our Transmission Supply Company from Jasper Transmissions any better way than to address the subject right now, here. We are, not Jasper Transmissions. This is not a put down article. In fact, we know for a fact that Jasper sells quality remanufactured transmissions.

We know they are a long term reliable company with good customer service and a good product. What you need to know is YOU have other choices that are just as good, or perhaps better than Jasper if you need a replacement transmission.

First off with Jasper you are limited to remanufactured transmissions only. No other variants to choose from. Let me set the record straight, as far as APRA [Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association] is concerned, rebuilt and remanufactured should end up with the same result.

Do not become confused at the terminology. It may sound more competent or dignified to use the word remanufactured, but in reality it means the same thing as rebuilt. Some companies use fancy jargon to fool you.

Another limitation from a company who only deals with remanufactured products is this. Lots of cars are candidates for used transmissions, and some folks want a new crate transmission. If you own a Japanese car, maybe you want a JDM transmission. The point is not everyone wants or needs the same solution and can provide several solutions.

If we were to compare our remanufactured transmissions to a Jasper re-manned transmission, you may find many similarities in the quality of the rebuild. We always use better than new parts, and we install qualified factory approved updates and better hard parts to produce a better unit. As does a Jasper unit, we supply a rebuilt torque converter with the transmission too. No extras or gimmicks.

I have no idea how Jasper prices their transmissions, what I have noticed is we offer a similar product or perhaps even better, at a fraction of the price. Plenty of things come into play when a company prices products. I’m not saying they are over priced because lots of people buy their products.

But, What if I could guarantee that sells a superior product, professionally packaged, shipped ASAP, with an equal or better guarantee, and beat anyone else’s customer service, at a far less price? Would it warrant a call, maybe out of interest to see what I am speaking about?

I have never met anyone who wants to pay more than necessary for a product. You owe it to yourself, and any other parties concerned to call and experience everything I mentioned above. We offer iron clad warranties, every unit has pure value remanufactured into it and we have plenty of time to discuss if a remanufactured/rebuilt transmission is your best option.

Remember, offers you CHOICES and great prices. Call us now at 866-320-1182 and find out about a great company ready to provide unequaled service, military grade transmissions and outstanding customer support. Call now, do not wait.

VW Scirocco ll and lll Transmissions for Sale

The Volkswagen Scirocco has actually been in existence since 1974. The first generation was introduced in 1975 and ran until 1982. Although the early Sciroccos’ were minimal in transmission choices, it’s is not surprising to get a call for an early rebuilt VW transmission on occasion. However, most Scirocco transmission inquiries are for the Scirocco ll and Scirocco lll models.

Calls come in for VW Scirocco ll and lll Transmissions for Sale every day, and we have whatever variant you need to get back on the road. So ask about our affordable low mileage used transmissions. And don’t forget our transmissions have pure value built right into them. Call 866-320-1182 now.

First generation Sciroccos came primarily with a manual transmission. They were originally designed as a basic car to get you reliably from point A to point B. Now cars are much fancier and luxurious. Automatics were rare back then, but don’t worry if you need a transmission, call, we have the best locating service in the country. Even Generation 2 Sciroccos only came with a 5 speed manual transmission and 3 speed automatic. Not very exciting. 866-320-1182.

The third generation Scirocco finally was re-introduced in 2008, after an absence from 1992. The new model can be identified by type number 137 or 1K8. One of the few things to remain the same is that the Scirocco is still built on a front wheel drive platform called the PQ35, which is a very common platform for certain Audi models, and more Volkswagen products.

Front wheel drive cars use a transmission that has the drive gears built into the same case as the transmission, so it can be mounted in a small space up front under the hood. Usually mounted sideways. Which is called a transverse mounting system. Thus an axle protrudes from each front wheel well to the corresponding front tire to pull the car.

The generation 3 transmissions are more fitting for a modern car with a number of different packages, including a sporty package with a turboed engine. Three different transmissions are offered in the 3rd generation models including a 6 speed manual transmission, a 6 speed and a 7 speed automatic DSG [direct shift gearbox].

The DSG is a combination of 2 separate manual transmissions with an electronically activated clutch transferring the power from the engine. They were first designed by Borg Warner and allowed to be used by VW in the beginning.

For the intricate details, better heard over a phone from a specialist, call 866-320-1182 right away for the most understandable information and best customer service you have ever run across. sells peace of mind with every replacement transmission.

Low Mileage Used Windstar Transmissions for Sale

The Ford Windstar was one of the first generations of more refined midsize front wheel drive mini-vans. It was designed to directly compete with newly infused minivans made by other companies, and ultimately was discontinued in 2003. Most likely because it became outdated, plus Ford needed a new cool minivan, a nicer one to represent the company.

Ford only offered one transmission for said vehicle, if the reason you are here is to look for Low Mileage Used Windstar Transmissions for Sale, then you are at the correct place. Call at 866-320-1182 now for more info. No manual transmissions were available.

When I say one transmission, I mean one family of transmissions. It’s important to note that the transmission family was updated constantly, so the names changed depending on the year and model engine it had. And each generation proved to have transmission improvements. Each transmission was for front wheel drive applications only, with a lock up torque converter for added fuel economy.

Buying a good used transmission fits many peoples budget and interests. Understanding the Windstar has been out of production for nearly 10 years plays a part in the decision on which replacement transmission to buy. And because the vehicle was discontinued, possibly you want to keep the van, out of necessity, not because you love it.

While you may not love it, but needing to keep it has nothing to do with it’s overall drive ability. If it drives nice and has plenty of miles left in it otherwise, a used transmission is a great solution at an affordable price.

I wanted to mention the names of the automatic overdrive transmissions
Ford used in the Windstar.
1. Generation 1 models made from 1994 to 1998 has one option, the AXOD. A fully automatic overdrive transaxle. Technically speaking, these are transaxles sins they only fit front wheel drive vehicles.
2. Generation 2 models used the next two updated versions of the AXOD. Two 4 speed automatic overdrive transmissions/transaxles, named AX4S and AX4N respectively.

I’m not in the business of recommending. For that you need to call 866-320-1182 and speak to a specialist who can talk to you in terms you understand. only sells quality used transmissions located at the best recyclers available. These are NOT junk yard transmissions.

If you want to experience real customer service, and get a Ford Transmission that exceeds your expectations, make the call and find out why is “Where our customers send their friends”. Call 866-320-1182 right now.

Buy A Mazda CR-7 Transmissions Below Cost

For a vehicle introduced in 2007, The Mazda CR-7 is one of the nice looking, well adorned mid sized crossover vehicles on the market. It precedes the Tribute and is becoming very popular. It’s a relatively inexpensive car brand, offering a well priced vehicle. I assume the reason you are reading this is because you have an interest in the transmission.

Yes, you can Buy Mazda CR-7 Transmissions Below Cost everyday, no gimmicks from But do you know what you need and how to decide? You can call right now if you want to cut through the mustard. 866-320-1182.

If you want more information, perhaps this will help. The CR-7 is front engine, front wheel drive car with four wheel drive available. It’s a very efficient setup, where the engine and transmission are bolted together and mounted sideways under this hood. You may have noticed that. It’s the most popular way to make a front wheel drive car nowadays.

To simplify it, there is an axle that comes out of each side of the transmission, and goes to the respective, left or right front wheel. Thus actually pulling the car, as opposed to pushing the car, as a rear wheel drive vehicle does.

The nice part of a bad situation is you have choices. We don’t force you to buy any particular choice. We hope to educate you so you understand which choice makes the most sense for you. So what choices do you have?

You have several choices to made a selection from.
1. Rebuilt CR-7 transmissions are the most popular choices due to the cost per mile delivered. And the trouble free performance you expect. It’s definitely worth a call to find out more. 866-320-1182.
2. We also can sell you low mileage used transmission. Our used transmissions are guaranteed to perform like new. Every one is pre-checked in the donor car to meet OUR expectations.
3. Unique to Japanese care are JDM transmissions. JDM is an acronym for Japanese domestic Market. Call an expert to get in depth details on this affordable option.
4. For the uncompromising person that want the absolute best variant, we offer new crate transmissions. Still in the crate. These are brand new transmissions, just like the dealership sells, except you don’t have to pay the exorbitant prices the dealer charges.

It’s not my job to advise you. You need to call an expert who has the time to listen to your problems before any purchasing is done. We want to make sure you understand everything in words that make sense to you. Educated customers make better decisions. Call now and talk to real living human being who knows their business. @ 866-320-1182.

Ford F450 Transmissions for Sale

Ford has been making the F-series of pickups since 1948. As competition goes, Ford had to stay competitive with the other major brands of pickups, so they introduced the Super duty series of trucks. Super Duty trucks, ranging in size from F250, up to the huge F550 Super Duty. One of the most significant updates was a better transmission.

We have Ford F450 Transmissions for Sale at affordable prices every day.

Some of the early Ford truck transmissions had serious problems. Especially when put to hard usage. It’s no secret to hundreds of thousands of F series truck owners. Ford really got down to business with this truck. The transmissions used, which is the subject of this article are much improved.

Ford almost went nuts doing all the right things to improve the overall performance and lifespan. All Super Duty ford trucks use a larger Chassis, which I approve of greatly. I am an admirer of good strong chassis. I can talk more about the virtues of a solid chassis, but this is about transmissions. So I won’t get carried away on strong chassis and my love for them.

Ford decided to modernize the truck by adding more forward speeds to their transmissions,like 5 speed and six speed automatic overdrive transmissions. And a ZFS6 650 six speed manual transmission. In the process, they made some improvements to the transmission setup in general.

If you ask me what the most important, yet unglamorous change or improvement was: add more cooling to the transmission. Yup, some of the better transmission repair shops knew this transmission developed serious overheating problems when used hard in hot weather.

Two effective and not so complicated solutions exist which solve the problem in the older units and have been adopted by Ford for the F-450 and larger trucks. The most important fix is to eliminate the factory transmission cooler and install a huge Tru Cool auxiliary cooler in place of all factory transmission cooling components.

I won’t get into the theory of how the fluid overheats, if you want more info, use the comment form below.

The other update, which Ford now uses is called a valve body recalibration kit. The valve body is the brain of your transmission. A recalibration kit does several things, one of which is increase lubrication flow by 100 percent inside the transmission so the cooled down fluid flowing from the updated cooling system flows better and lubricates better and prevents the problems associated with an overheated transmission.

So, that’s it in a large nutshell. If you happen to be in the market for a rebuilt Ford F-450 Transmission for sale, you can depend on to supply you with the best.

Realistically speaking, it serves no good purpose to sell anything but the best. You will be floored by our customer service too. Call 866-320-1182 right now and speak with an intelligent human being who wants to teach you everything you need to know about buying a replacement transmission. @ 866-320-1182. Rebuilt Ford F450 Transmissions for Sale

Jaguar XF Transmissions for Sale

The Jaguar XF is one of Jags newer mid sized luxury models. It was introduced in 2008. In typical Jaguar fashion, it’s a slick looking, performance oriented car. No messing around, it comes with a 6 speed automatic transmission with gasoline engines, and an 8 speed automatic for the diesel engine cars. No manual transmissions available.

Of course this makes choosing a replacement Jaguar XF Transmission for Sale a bit easier, yet wise consumers will call and let an expert assist. 866-320-1182. This is truly an area that dealing with an honest expert pays off.

Made by ZF Corporation, the ZF 6HP 28 is a 6 speed longitudinal automatic overdrive transmission. Longitudinal refers to it drive orientation. Longitudinal means it is a front engine-rear wheel drive car. So, the engine and transmission run longitudinally or north to south of the car. A driveshaft connects the transmission and rear differential.

The gear train is fundamentally the same as most planetary gear driven automatics, but the new vibration reducing torque converter in combination with optimized engine and transmission performance software and hydraulics causes the shifts to occur 50 percent faster, thus providing seamless shifts and less wear.

The precise and superb engineering uses a Lepelletier & Ravigneaux planetary gear system, which makes use of less components to obtain 6 forward speeds. It’s a very precision transmission designed for a precision car.

As mentioned earlier, the diesel models use an 8 speed ZF longitudinal automatic transmission. The idea was to add 2 more gears to the lower revving diesel engines. Allowing for better gear spacing and more options in gear ratios to match the slower revolving diesel engines.

What action is the best if you were to be so unfortunate as to experience a transmission failure out of warranty. Well, let me say, these are really excellent transmissions, or Jaguar would not use them, so realistically speaking, something entirely out of the drivers control would have to occur to force an unwarranted repair. Or lots of mileage, which would be unusual for a car introduced in 2008.

The question is to buy a rebuilt transmission, or a low mileage used transmission. I do not advise people. You can call 866-320-1182 and talk to an professional for advise. The experts at know what questions to ask, and also spend as much time listening to you before any recommendation is made as to a used or rebuilt transmission for your Jaguar ZF.

Don’t forget, our customer service gets rave reviews. Great customer service makes all the difference in the world. Give us a shout. We have your Jaguar XF transmission for sale.

Ford Contour Transmissions for Sale

Sometimes a car is not very popular, and the Ford Contour is one of those. It was only produced from 1995 to 2000. It’s the same car as the Mercury Mystique with different inside and outside trim packages. A compact car based on the Ford CDW27 front wheel drive platform. Which in normal language means front wheel drive [FWD].

We have Ford contour transmissions for sale at below cost on an everyday basis, no gimmicks. Call if you are ready to buy now. 866-320-1182. We have a transmission ready to ship. Customer service is important to us.

The Contour came with a 5 speed manual shift transaxle. I call it a transaxle because it is a front wheel drive transmission. The transmission and axle assembly are conveniently located in the same aluminum housing, thus, a trans-axle.

It’s commonly called a transverse mounting system. It’s a very popular setup used by most manufacturers nowadays. Different car companies have their own variations.

As far as the manual transmission/transaxle offered, it was very ordinary in function and reliable too. I have nothing unique to say about this unit other than the rebuilt manual transmissions we sell use high quality American made bearings and factory quality gears. In other words, no cheap Chinese replacement parts. It’s called the MTX-75 manual gearbox by Ford.

The automatic overdrive transmission Ford chose, called the CD4E was literally a disaster for Contour owners and the folks that fixed them. I can testify to this as I owned and operated my own transmission shop from 1982 to 2006. The CD4E was one of the most problem-some and unreliable transmissions ever made.

This transmission was used in plenty of Ford products and Mazda products, as Ford and Mazda share a lot, even today. It was a costly disaster for the owners of said car. There were so many failures based on poorly designed parts and an ineffective and troublesome design.

To put it mildly, it takes a special outfit to properly rebuild a C4E. If one takes the time and effort to cross-reference and match the latest updated parts with the smartest rebuilders, success is possible. Most shops or rebuilders find it too much trouble to do so. The benefits are priceless though.

Listen, this is not an ordinary transmission to repair. My advise is to
buy a rebuilt transmission
as a replacement for the original unit. In reality, it costs much less to buy a properly updated transaxle, the added life and the increased quality of shifts makes it quite inexpensive considering the early failure rate of the factory unit.

If you need more information, please call now. We are delighted to explain everything you need to know in understandable terms. Every transmission for sale is covered by a peace of mind iron clad guarantee. Call the only transmission company that cares about you. Call @ 866-320-1182 right away.