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Allison 1000 Chevrolet/GMC Duramax Transmissions for Sale

The Allison 1000 automatic transmissions was built in 5 & 6 speed variations, the latter introduced in 2005. Allison 1000 transmissions are built with a strong structure and a are very popular transmissions amongst Chevy and GMC diesel truck owners. 6th gear is only found on 2006- to present Allison 1000 transmissions. 2001-2005 Allison equipped trucks had 5 forward speeds, plus lock up. Interested in the most reliable and affordable Allison 1000 Chevrolet/GMC Duramax Transmissions for Sale? GotTransmissions.com knows exactly what you need.

Basically, General Motors used a documented truck transmission from a company known for manufacturing the best truck automatic transmissions. Big transmissions designed for commercial usage. Simply put, they leapfrogged every other light duty truck manufacturer and challenged them to “match this.”

Allison is a company owned by General Motors, however plenty of other companies use Allison transmissions, especially in large trucks, dump truck, garbage trucks, tour busses and commercial equipment. It is a misnomer to think that all big trucks use manual shift transmissions, nowadays.

The internal components and mechanisms dwarf even the most heavy duty automotive automatic transmissions. If you compare the friction plate [clutch plate] size to any automotive sized transmission, it would be immediately evident at how strong this unit is. Every part inside is heavier and designed to take more usage.

One of the best features of owning a vehicle with said transmission is that the transmission cooling system is also of commercial grade. This allows the automatic transmission fluid to stay cool at normal operating temperatures no matter what load you may be carrying, or how hot it may be outside.

Don’t be fooled either, just because we call it a truck transmission, does not mean it is not as high technology and electronically advanced as any top line luxury performance sedan transmission made in America or Europe either!

Allison 1000 Features:
• External filter eliminates need to change internal filter which mandates a messy transmission pan removal. An excellent idea.
• PTO optional in 3500 GMC/Chevrolet trucks. A handy feature for commercial purposes.
• 2 overdrive gears for better fuel economy. At 60 mph, the 6-speed Allison equipped truck cruises at 1,550 RPM.
• Adaptive learning technology links transmission to engine TCM. Users driver input to calculate & create ideal shift strategies.
• Limp mode locks transmission in 3rd gear if rapid or excess transmission occurs, allowing vehicle to safely brought to service station as soon as possible.
• Tow/Haul mode for safer and improved trailer braking control.
• Cold operation mode that allows the engine to idle better until the engine & transmission have reached proper operating temperature.
• A Lock Up Torque Converter: locks fin gears 3 through 6. Gears 1 and 2 operate in both locked & unlocked torque converter ranges.

GotTransmissions.com has your replacement Allison transmission for your GMC HD Pickup ready for delivery, so you can get back to work. Trust the leader in modern hi technology transmission sales. Allow us to supply some education so you can make a great decision, Call Now for free, affordable price quote.

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