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Transmissions Audi R8 for sale at GotTransmissions.com

One of most high performance cars in the world is the Audi R8. It is a mid engine sports car designed on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform. Exclusively designed by Audi GH’s high performance division. One would expect such a high performance car to have a transmission that matches it. The only two transmissions offered in the Audi R8 are for sale are available at GotTransmissions.com, in any form, used and remanufactured.

It’s the new definition of going fast in a super high performance luxury car. Fast and smooth, it hits 1000 mph before you know it. It is easy to gather a few tickets in this car. You have to drive one to believe it. My transmission shop rebuilt an R8 transmission several years ago. To say I was impressed with the car is an understatement.

Audi offer a six speed manual transmission, or gearbox. The manual transmission by Lamborghini is not made by Lambourghinin, it is a six-speed manual gearbox with a slotted metal shift gate for the shift lever. Very little information is made available concerning the specifics of this manual transmission. Technical specifics are not necessary to buy a replacement transmission. Only the VIN [vehicle identification number] and perhaps a transmission code.

The automatic transmission offered in the R8 is quite a work of art. R Electrohydraulic manual transmission is the technical name. It is a type of semi-automatic transmission, which uses an auto-engage clutch, unlike conventional manual transmissions where the driver operates the clutch. The clutch is controlled by electronic computers and a precision hydraulic system.

To change gears, the operator selects the desired gear with the transmission shift selector, and the system automatically sends real time signals to the computer which then operates the clutch and throttle to match RPM’s [revolutions per minute-engine] with road speed and gear ratio, and engage the clutch again. Also, many similar transmissions offer a sequential mode where the driver can only up-shift or downshift one gear at a time.

In essence, the driver can do the thinking if the driving conditions or feelings of the driver demand it. Or the transmission will operate in a fully automatic mode if desired. Very accommodating to every driver and every driving condition. Designed to take a beating like a race car.

To buy a replacement R8 transmission, call GotTransmissions.com and speak with a representative that knows exactly what you are talking about and how to sell you the right transmission for your needs. Superior quality always costs less. Experience our world class customer support. Call now.

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