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Excalibur 3500 V8 454 7.4 Auto Reman

Excalibur 3500 V8 454 7.4 Auto Reman

Excalibur 3500 V8 454 7.4 Auto Reman

I found this an odd search. What does ‘‘Excalibur 3500 V8 454 7.4 Auto Reman” really mean? Is this individual searching for a replacement transmission for sale or an engine? I’m going for the transmission.

It was the Excalibur Series III, introduced in 1975, that really caused the production figures to shoot up and the selling price also. Of course this was a modern day reproduction, with a Chevy Mk IV 454 cu. inch (7500 cc) big-block V8 which, despite its generous internal capacity, produced only a modest 215 hp due to the suffocating anti-pollution equipment. {I have blabber mouthed about the 454 already].

With little or no information available on the technical description of the transmission type in a Series ll Excalibur. It is safe to assume it has a General Motors transmission since it uses a General Motors power plant.

From that deduction several different transmissions may have been used since 1975. Obviously it would not be an automatic overdrive since they were not invented back in 1975 yet.

I’m not so bold to predict which transmission/s came in an Excalibur 3500 with a V8 454 engine. My suggestion is to do what I would do if more info was needed. Call the trained sales representatives at GotTransmissions.com and discuss the issue.

You can count on the folks at GotTransmissions.com to have the information available, even for an unusual car like this. When we say we sell transmissions, we are not limiting our inventory at all, we are a full service transmission replacement company.

It is a fact that an educated consumer makes better decisions. Allow us to council you on an exchange transmission. We have fully transmissions, to match the integrity of the car, and used transmissions for those on a budget. All are covered by great guarantees.

Call now and get a good education on how to choose the best remanufactured or rebuilt transmissions for your Excalibur, or any car or truck for that matter. Call now and find out if your transmission ships for free. GotTransmissions.com

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