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Top reasons for an Automotive Transmissions failure.

Keys to long automatic transmission life

Keys to long automatic transmission life

Here are the top reasons for automatic transmissions to experience a failure requiring replacement.

1. Not performing regular maintenance. Yup, it takes too long, I’ll get it done next time. Well these are bad excuses to make. You know what happens if the transmission fluid never gets changed, or you forget to change it for a year or two? It has a breakdown, or it wears out prematurely. Not cheaper in the long-run.

2. Not Coming To A Complete Stop Before Changing Directions. You’re in a rush, and you pull out of a parking space and shift into drive while the car is still coasting backwards. You’ve just added months of wear to your transmission in seconds. Inside your transmission is a complex set of gears, when you shift without stopping like that, you’re asking those gears to work as your brakes, which puts an amazing amount of stress on such a small area. It can cause immediate transmission case destruction! You can also damage your drive shafts, the things that send power to the wheels, by shifting that way.

3. Ignoring Your Car’s Sounds. Every sound your car makes means something, if you pay attention, your car can usually tell you exactly what needs fixing. Those squeaking brakes mean you need new pads, and if you ignore that sound, eventually you’ll hear scraping metal, which means you need new rotors, and if you ignore that, you’ll eventually hear the sound of your own scream as you lose your brakes completely and fly off a cliff in a spectacular fireball of death. If you see a leak from under your car, although this is a visual sign, find out what is leaking and get it fixed.

4. Driving Past Attractive Women. This is a real problem issue, especially for younger male drivers. Attractive women can be incredibly damaging to your vehicle, they can cause the driver to install bizarre over-sized woofers or 22 inch rims, or even spontaneously crash the car into a nearby tree or telephone pole. Twenty two inch rims are murder on transmissions. When you’re driving, be careful keep your eyes on the road, beautiful girls are more distracting than texting while driving!

If any of these issues is a problem for you, please feel free to call one of our rained staff members for an answer that makes sense. We sell every type of automotive transmissions at prices that can’t be beat. Every transmission we sell has value built right into it, building your confidence as an transmission consumer. Call at 866-320-1182 for more information. No obligation ever.

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