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BMW 750i Transmissions For Sale

No matter what year Series 7 BMW you own, a 750i for instance, GotTransmissions.com is considered the leading supplier of rebuilt BMW 750i transmissions, and, all Series-7 BMW transmissions in the industry. Regardless of your current transmission knowledge, we set our goals on educating our customers first, so our customers buy one of our BMW 750i transmissions for sale thus solving your problem in the best manner.

BMW uses both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions, even using a automatic/manual transmission in the newer sportier versions. My experience in the transmission field reminds me that Getrag, the German giant manual transmission manufacturer makes BMW manual transmissions. Considered the best in the world or BMW would not use them.

ZF Corporation manufactures BMW automatic transmissions. Another German Transmissions Company that makes transmissions for luxury class cars and heavy duty trucks. Another company considered the best at what it does.

It all makes sense to me that BMW choose two of the best transmissions manufacturers in the world to supply the needed transmissions. Why would you cut corners in a car like this?

For most practical purposes, the two most popular transmission replacement options are;
1. Remanufactured transmissions: Rebuilt to factory specifications with factory or better parts. Calibrated to operate perfectly in your exact car. The most solid and reliable value, very cost effective.

2. Low Mileage Used Transmissions. For the discriminating buyer who insists on only the absolute finest for their BMW. For many BMW 750i owners, we can supply a low mileage used transmission that has been pre-run in the donor car to make sure it performs perfectly and does not leak oil. A best value.

Before you make the call to GotTransmissions.com, the last thing to mention is that this is a rear wheel drive car. It uses a F/R setup [front/rear], also called a longitudinal setup by professionals. In simple terms, it has the engine up front, with the transmission hooked to it, and a drive-shat to connect the transmission to the rear differential.

Take my suggestion and call the specialists at GotTransmissions.com. They employ highly trained salespeople who understand what you need and can help advise you. Don’t settle for less than top quality transmissions or salespeople who don’t know what they are talking about. Call GotTransmissions.com now for the truth.

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