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BMW M6 Transmissions for Sale

Looking to buy a BMW M6 transmission? Feel free to browse our database of BMW information. If you need a replacement transmission for your M6, than allow GotTransmissions.com to present our case. We are the leading supplier of BMW transmissions for sale.

The M6 [M designation] is a high performance luxury car. It is considered the high performance line of the M-Series cars. The first series of M6 cars came equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission, made by Getrag Company of Germany. Getrag is one of the premium manual transmission manufacturers in the world. Making manual transmissions for many other brands of cars.

Making transmissions for BMW is a statement in itself for durable, trouble free performance. There is no evidence that BMW offered an automatic transmission for said car.

The newer models M6, also called the E63/64, came with either a 6 speed manual transmission or a 7 speed single clutch semi automatic transmission..sequential manual gearbox [SMG]. A semi automatic transmission is in essence an automatic transmission with manual shifting features. The controls are usually ”paddle shifters” derived from racing cars. Where the controls are in a convenient spot on the steering wheel.

SMG transmissions are highly computerized units with multiple input and output sensors placed in critical areas of the car for instant input the second you push the gas pedal. Not available in less expensive cars.

The SMG’s Drivelogic [trade-name] technology offers six sequential manual shift programs and five automated programs. Choose “S” for sequential, and “D” for drive (automatic mode). Using the gear selector or the paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel, settings S1 through S6 range from soft and slow (S1) to hard and fast (S6).

GotTransmissions.com has sales technicians who are BMW transmission specialists. Call now and find out which replacement transmission choice suits you the best. Our transmissions are designed for world class cars such as this. Why make any sacrifices in quality when you can have the quality demanded by Bimmer owners for an affordable price?

You don’t have too. Every transmission we sell has pure value built into it. Call GotTransmissions.com now and find out which transmission replacement is in your best interests. We provide the peace of mind BMW owners are looking for. Call now for a free estimate.

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