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BMW Z3 Transmissions for Sale

For BMW Z3 owners only. A 5-speed manual transmission was standard equipment, with a 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission optional. Compared to eleven engine options, this seems like a piece of cake. has BMW Z3 Transmissions for Sale, automatic and manual shift, rebuilt, used and crate.

One model 5 speed standard shift transmission was offered in a variety of gear ratios? Every variation in gear ratio was designed to be an exact fit for a particular combination of engine, rear differential ratios, tire size, etc. Of the 5 Speed manual transmissions that fit the Z3, there were about 20 different manufacturing codes.

Steptronic is the trade-name of the automatic transmission BMW uses. Essentially it has a variety of computer programs the transmission can choose from depending on driving conditions. It has a torque converter. It just has a manual mode that allows you to take over the shifting [although it will still override you if you try and do something that would damage the transmission].

This is far from a technical explanation, but the Steptronic is basically an automatic overdrive transmission with two modes. In “D”rive, it acts like a normal automatic with programmed shift points. After you move the shifter to the right, it acts like a manual valve-body; you select the shift points manually by pulling back on the shift lever to go to a higher gear, and push it forward to go to a lower gear.

Steptronic transmissions do not use a clutch pedal or gated gear selector[as in a manual] in the car. It can be operated in an ‘automatic’ mode, but can be manually shifted.

Many people like it, racing automatics are not out of the question anymore. To me, however, the idea of a manual trans is more than selecting what gear I want. It’s the total driving involvement including the clutch and gear selector. As in my vintage 1970 Porsche.

The bottom line with this particular car is to deal with qualified professionals who can deliver exactly what you need the first time. Not just any, ordinary transmission supply company can meet the demands of a BMW Z3 owner in need of a replacement transmission.

Call to find out which one of our options will suit your interests and budget. Call now and allow a professional to fill your needs. is the leader in quality top notch replacement transmissions in the continental US.

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