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Borg Warner Transmissions for sale..

For over 50 years, Borg Warner Transmission Inc. has demonstrated their commitment to product leadership, through technical innovation, customer service, and manufacturing excellence. They are well prepared to lead us into the next generation of transmissions for sale.

Borg Warner Inc. is a global supplier of engineered automotive├é┬á components for power train applications. The products are manufactured and sold worldwide to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of light-vehicles (passenger cars, sport-utility vehicles, vans and light-trucks). The Company’s products are also sold to other OEMs of commercial trucks, buses and agricultural and off-highway vehicles.

The lines of both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions built by B/W covers more applications for cars and trucks in the world than any other company over the last 50 years. Including sharing technology with Tremec Transmission Company.

Models offered:

  • Borg-Warner Model DG transmission / Borg-Warner Model 35 transmission / Borg-Warner Model 65 transmission / Borg-Warner T-56 / Borg-Warner T-85 / Borg-Warner T-86 / Borg-Warner T-96 / Borg-Warner T-10 / Borg-Warner T-18 / Borg-Warner T-19 / Borg-Warner T-176 / Borg-Warner HR-1 / Borg-Warner SR-4 / Borg-Warner T-4 / Borg-Warner T-5 / Borg-Warner T-90 / Borg-Warner T-50 / Direct-Shift Gearbox /Borg-Warner M35 transmission / Borg-Warner M44 transmission / Borg-Warner M8 transmission / Borg-Warner M11 transmission / Borg-Warner M12 transmission
  • Obviously I can’t go into detail on each Borg Warner transmission in particular. What I can say is that over my 30 plus years of rebuilding transmissions, Borg Warner transmissions have always been popular in US and Foreign cars. The most popular being the T-35, T-5, T-56 and T-4 transmissions. Most people in the market for a transmission for sale are surprised to find their car actually uses a Borg Warner transmission instead of a transmission named after the brand name of the car. Which is why I recommend @ 866-320-1182 as your one stop source of replacement transmissions, especially Borg Warner units. Trust me. Feel free to pick up some more transmission dialog on our Blog. Enjoy.

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