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Buick Lucerne Transmissions for Sale, Affordable to Buy

If you own a Buick Lucerne and have experienced a transmission failure, than you are at the right place. the first thing we will do is discuss the available replacement transmissions for the Lucerne. Only two Buick Lucerne transmissions were offered. stocks both Buick Lucerne transmissions or sale, affordable to buy and our best value. With transmissions and low mileage used transmissions in stock, we have you covered, right now.

It’s real easy, the Lucerne models with the V6 engines use the 4T65E automatic overdrive transmission, and the 4.6 liter Northstar powered Lucerne uses the extra heavy duty 4L80E transmission, or transaxle, because that is what it is.

A transaxle is a unit where both the transmission and differential are in the same case or housing. A compact and convenient way to produce a front wheel drive car. The most popular method of doing so, it’s called a transverse setup, where the engine and transmission are mounted sideways beneath the hood. With an axle coming out of each side of the transmission, going to the appropriate front wheel.

The 4L80E is the largest transaxle made. Designed specifically for lots of horsepower for high performance GM luxury cars made in America, expected to amply compete with some of the high dollar European luxury cars. It’s a beefy unit and is very solid from the factory, only a few updates are needed upon rebuilding said unit. The only thing I don’t like about it is there is an internal input sensor which had a tendency to fail. While the part is about 50 dollars from the dealer, the transmission has to be removed to replace it.

Note: Removing this transmission should only be attempted by professional transmission shops. It is one of the most difficult transmissions to remove and replace. Don’t be unsafe, seek professional help.

Make sure the rebuilt 4L80E transmission you buy has all new solenoids and sensors. Ours do. It sure saves a lot of frustration and inconvenience in the long run.

The 4L65E is almost identical to the previous transmission mentioned, it simply is not made for high performance usage with reliability. So, it is only used behind the lesser engines offered. It is a wonderful transmission with a fuel efficient lock up torque converter. It shifts like glass and has an excellent lifespan if maintained properly with factory synthetic transmission fluid.

When faced with making a solid decision on replacing your transmission, it only makes sense to call We offer the most thorough advise available, an educated consumer makes better decisions. Allow us to explain in terms you understand which one of our replacement transmissions is in your best interests. Call Right Now.

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