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Buy Dodge Challenger Transmissions

When Dodge came out with the Challenger in 1970, guys like myself were really exited about the new muscle car which had a Hemi engine in the lineup, and the newly designed Torque Flight 727 automatic transmission, strong enough to hold the incredible horsepower of it’s BIG engine. Regardless of what year you want to Buy Dodge Challenger transmissions for, GotTransmissions.com is your affordable reliable source.

Through three ‘really’ separate generations,
Generation 1 from 1970–1974..
Generation 2 from 1978–1983..
Generation 3 from 2008–present
You can see the gaps in years between generations.

Chrysler-Dodge has consistently made an excellent rear wheel drive automatic transmission, and a very sturdy manual transmission in the early generation one models. If you were to ask me, I would tell you that Chrysler-Dodge has always made good transmissions. Better then their cars, if you asked me!

The new Challenger still uses an automatic transmission that has some old 727 basics, believe it or not. FYI, I’m a 30 plus year transmission veteran. I was in my first years of learning how to rebuild transmissions in the early 1970’s when I realized I had a habit to support. Broken transmissions.

The new transmissions are fully computerized, operating from a central command unit, the transmission control unit [TCU], and a very complex arrangement of sensors, both input and output to provide the needed information to the transmission, in order to carry out your commands. A brain, not a mind.

For those of you who know what you need click here to see our main transmission sales page.

For those who need more information, we sell the finest, most precision transmissions available, with any and all viable updates included, and better than factory new parts. Nothing provides more peace of mind than one of our transmissions.

I have to mention that we also sell low mileage, good used late model Challenger transmissions too. A true value for anyone, but for those on a budget, it’s worth a quick call to find out more.
Manual shift or automatic shift, we have you covered.

The whole point is that you can trust GotTransmissions.com for all of your replacement transmission needs. Call now and enjoy our world class customer service. Get the free education you need in order to make a qualified decision, one that is in your best interests.

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