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Buy Transmissions: Planetary Transmissions and Gearboxes for sale.

A Planetary Gearbox or transmission is a set of gears, shafts, and bearings that are enclosed in a housing and are arranged in a way that resemble a solar system, (thus the name planetary) with one or more planet gears orbiting around a sun gear.  They convert input speed (typically provided by a gasoline or electric motor) into a lower output speed while correspondingly creating higher torque. Simply put, gear-boxes reduce RPM, turning it into power for use in low-RPM high-torque applications. Gearboxes come in different arrangements including planetary, bevel, cycloid, helical, harmonic, spur, and worm. Our focus here is on the planetary type of gear system. Which is the system most automatic transmissions use.

Buy Transmissions

Buy Transmissions

Planetary gearboxes come in many sizes and torque capacities, and vary in speed ratios depending upon configuration. The planetary gears pictured are an example of a planetary gear system

Much larger planetary gearboxes exist for industrial processes, providing output torque in excess of 6,000,000 pounds per square inch. The focus of this website, however, is on these smaller automotive planetary gearboxes.

The input power to these small planetary gearboxes comes from automotive engines. Which transfer the power to the transmission, therefore allowing the cars transmission to have multiple gear ratios. For instance a 3 speed automatic transmission will normally have two planetary gears sets, and a 4 speed automatic will have 3 planetary gear sets. We call these compound planetary gear sets.

Planetary gears are hard to digest for many folks. What you need to know is that GotTransmissions.com rebuilds their transmissions using new or reconditioned planetary gears. One of the many reasons we supply the best transmissions a person can buy. If you run into a situation where you need to locate and buy transmissions or a transmission, call 1-877-268-00634.

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