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My take on why a business is successful starts at the top with the owner or decision maker. It has a successful flow of distributing power to competent employees who do their tasks properly so the boss can get his job done without having to ‘put out fires’ all day. In this case, to operate a quality replacement transmission company, the boss needs to get his work done too.

When the boss is caught up in the thick of thin things, like helping every one solve simple problems, there is no way a business can operate at maximum efficiency. In turn, competent employees that can make good decisions and don’t need to consult with the boss on every move, help the business enjoy the rewards of their efforts.

As humans, we like to be rewarded for our efforts. We want to be treated with respect and dignity. In this case employees need to be rewarded with money, that is obvious, but it goes further than that. The boss or who ever is in charge has to figure out what other rewards each employee enjoys other than money.

A bonus is nice if you outperform expectations monetarily, which can be money or a bottle of Jack Daniels (I don’t drink alcohol, so I like a case of natural lemonade!) or some tickets to a concert, whatever you the boss may have found out about a particular employee as a source of enjoyment..

Why am I writing this? I am a part of the GotTransmissions.com team. I write the blogs. My boss is Brian, owns  GotTransmissions.com. You can reach him or any one of his experts at 866-320-1182 all day long. I’m telling you this because I really enjoy writing for him and doing whatever I can to be of help so he can concentrate on running the business.

BTW:I was self employed for 25 years. From 1981 to 2006. I had a transmission rebuild and repair shop. Due to the complexities and interaction between engines and transmissions now, and from continuous advancement of cars we had to become engine specialists too. It was imperative to know how to access the on-board computer and other engine functions to properly diagnose a car.

Back on track. The best reward, other than a weekly paycheck seemed to be kindness and understanding them personally. By supporting and helping my employees, they became even better. Let your employees grow and feel part of the business. This type of reward breeds intense loyalty from your employees. My employees would die for me. My job, other than running the business, was to keep on top of keeping my workers happy.

Designating authority is a great way to motivate people. Give them a particular duty and let them be in charge of it. Give them time to grow, if they make make a bad decision every now and then, don’t come down on them. Instead approach the employee with the attitude that, you were glad they made a decision in the first place, now how can we solve it? We is the key, a good boss never takes the problem from the employee, thus letting them off the hook. A good boss assists his employees by helping them learn how to make a good decision next time.

Brian is a good boss. He is a warm hearted guy who truly cares about his employees. He makes sure they are happy at work and trust him. He has built my confidence by being every thing a good boss should be.

That translates into a good honest business. In essence, I’m saying that in many cases you can choose a shop by how the boss behaves and how the employees behave. Happy employees mean they like their work and the job. Therefore being more productive because they feel compelled by a trusting supportive boss.

What I’m saying is that if my transmission crapped and I called GotTransmissions.com, within 10 minutes of talking with Brian I would be sold on him. Meaning Brian sold himself to me without even trying. It would have a dramatic effect on who I bought my used transmission from.

Having a GotTransmissions.com Blog shows the eagerness he has to please and educate his customers and potential customers. I have been blogging for Brian for 10 or 11 months now. My desire is to fill these blogs with so much info, anything you need to reference will be here for your education and convenience. FYI, I can spout and write about cars for the rest of my life, so stay tuned!

That is the type of company I want to do business with. And so should you.

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