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But Transmissions For Honda Cars for Less.

We all know that Honda cars are perhaps the best made and most popular of the small cars, which fall in the high side of affordability in that price range of cars. From the beginning, Honda produced a different type of automatic transmission. When they developed their transmissions, it was decided to deviate from the norm and produce a product that would work better and last longer than their competitors. Chances are you are here to buy transmissions, read on and educate yourself on Honda transmissions.

The only other car to share a very similar setup in transmission design is the Saturn. Which is probably why Saturn’s have relatively few transmission problems. The design is unique in that instead of using the typical clutches, bands and planetary gear setup found in the mass of automatic transmissions, they became creative and designed a precision unit that has proven to be reliable and effective over many years.

The design, to put it in a simple terms, which probably won’t make any sense to most people, since they broke the existing molds. The transmission used a combination of clutches and planetary gears. However no bands are used in this transmission. Plus, instead of using planetary gears exclusively, they incorporated some similarities in design to a standard transmission mainshaft and counter-gear setup. It has proven to be extremely reliable.

The only drawback to the design is that in the case of a serious failure, where the planetaries need replacing, the cost of repair is exorbitant and prohibitive. We have a solution to your problem if you need to buy a Honda transmission. The solution is to buy a used transmission to replace your old one. The reasons for choosing a low mileage used transmission are viable.

When you deal with our company, you can rest assured that our only paradigm is to sell the best products available to meet your demands. We get a lot of used transmissions with less than 40,000 miles. At 40,000 miles, a transmission is barely broken in, especially if the transmission had it’s factory recommended maintenance performed on time.

We have access to these transmissions because we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of transmissions in this country. The transmissions come out of wrecked cars, cars that have been totaled, yet have no transmission issues. You probably already know that with so many cars on the road and everyone texting and the like, plenty of accidents occur which send good late model cars to the bone-yard for recycling. That is were we get our used transmissions from.

Only the best transmission suppliers have access to these resources. When you are looking for good used transmissions with low mileage, which has had a background checkup on it’s entire history, that has also been pretested for guaranteed hassle free performance, you scored. Want to speak with a trained specialist? Call GotTransmissions @ 866-320-1182.

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