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Troubleshooting Car Transmission Problems

Troubleshooting car transmission problems

Troubleshooting car transmission problems

Leave troubleshooting car transmission problems for a specialist. Regardless of the year, from super high technology computerized transmissions to older fully hydraulic operated automatic transmissions. Even manual shift transmissions should be dealt with by a professional. I know for sure that some of the replacement transmissions we sell are due to the poor diagnostics of car transmission problems.

Several issues need to be addressed, for instance, asking inexperienced people about what is wrong with your transmission is a bad start, but a good way to waste time and money. I know it is very macho for home mechanics and non transmission mechanics to give out unsubstantiated advise, however transmissions are the least understood part of your car [including the electronic controls where applicable], that is why they are a specialty.

Realistically speaking, no one but a qualified transmission specialist has the knowledge and tools to diagnose a transmission problem. Diagnosis may be the hardest and most important part of the transmission business. I see a lot of people on forums asking technical and potentially expensive questions regarding repairs on expensive cars.

Imagine someone with no automotive experience, let alone transmission experience telling someone [in a forum] that they think a need a new computer will fix their car. And a new computer costs almost 1000 dollars. What if said person took the [expert] persons advise [who has no transmission experience] and bought a computer and it did not fix the problem? Yikes. Can’t return a used, opened box computer.

There is a lot of value in letting a professional diagnose the problem. Imagine in the above experience, if the car was diagnosed by a professional for about 75.00 dollars and the problem turned out to be a bad modulator, which costs about 100.00 dollars; parts and labor? Well, that would save a lot of money over trying to save money on a diagnosis.

There is a lot of value in using an honest and reliable transmission replacement company. That’s us, GotTransmissions.com. Just as with a quality diagnosis and knowing what is really wrong with your transmission, you need a replacement company that has your best interests in mind, selling you exactly what you need.

If you have a solid diagnosis and are shopping for replacement transmissions, our specialists are trained to ask all the right questions so we can educate and service you in a manner that allows you to buy the best replacement transmission for your needs and budget, saving you money and time. Call now.

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