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Buy BMW X3 Transmissions and Drive Line Parts

A compact crossover sports utility vehicle made by BMW, the X3 was introduced in 2004. BMW likes to put their own name tags on vehicles, thus it is marketed as a SAV, sports activity vehicle. It’s really a 4 door station wagon looking ride with typical Bimmer body lines and a neat transmission-drive-line feature called [...]

BMW Series 3 Transmissions for Sale E90

The BMW Series 3 is an icon of sorts. It’s been in production since 1975. Considering what it started out as and what it is today, continuing changes were always in the works as it continued to be popular and marketable through five generations. The fifth generation was when BMW decided the transmissions needed to [...]

BMW 750i Transmissions For Sale

No matter what year Series 7 BMW you own, a 750i for instance, is considered the leading supplier of rebuilt BMW 750i transmissions, and, all Series-7 BMW transmissions in the industry. Regardless of your current transmission knowledge, we set our goals on educating our customers first, so our customers buy one of our BMW [...]

BMW L7/E23 Transmissions for Sale

BMW produced the 7 Series or model E23 from 1977 to 1986. BMW offered a selection of 2 automatic transmissions, and 2 manual shift transmissions [except for the 745i]. When you call about BMW L7/E23 transmissions for sale, ask about our rebuilt transmission’s first. Four-speed and five-speed manual gearboxes were available (depending on the year) and an [...]

BMW M6 Transmissions for Sale

Looking to buy a BMW M6 transmission? Feel free to browse our database of BMW information. If you need a replacement transmission for your M6, than allow to present our case. We are the leading supplier of BMW transmissions for sale. The M6 [M designation] is a high performance luxury car. It is considered the [...]

BMW M5 Transmissions for Sale: E28, E34, E39, E60

Want to know a tiny piece of trivia most car buffs don’t know? The BMW M5 series, manufactured from 1989 to present times never offered an automatic transmission in the lineup? Wild, eh? Having been in the transmission rebuilding business for 30 plus years, I might be the only person alive to know that piece [...]

BMW 135i Transmissions for Sale

The BMW 135i {model E81] is part of the Series 1 BMW autos. On the market from 2004 and still in production, there are two generations already. Not surprisingly the BMW 135i offers several performance oriented transmissions. All forms of The BMW 135i Transmissions for Sale are in stock at Called the E81 series, BMW [...]

BMW 745LI Transmissions for Sale

Looking for information on BMW 745LI Transmissions for Sale? For example, the 2005 745li came with a six-speed StepTronic overdrive transmission with a lock up torque converter. According to BMW, the StepTronic transmission is an automatic transmission designed to allow the driver to shift the transmission manually. The function is as easy as moving [...]

BMW 635CSI Transmissions For Sale

If your BMW 635CSI is sitting in the driveway waiting on a replacement transmission, tax checks will be here soon. Assuming you are here to find a replacement transmission for your BMW 635CSI or taking in information concerning BMW transmissions, we hope to meet your needs. We’ve got BMW 635CSI Transmissions For Sale at affordable-discounted [...]

BMW 840ci Transmissions for Sale

One of the finest cars BMW made was their Series 8 lineup. Today we speak on the 840ci and BMW 840ci Transmissions for Sale, offered by The Series 8 was made from 1989 to 1999. Using a typical FR [front engine-rear wheel drive] layout, this car has a chassis code E31, which is [...]