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Troubleshooting Car Transmission Problems

Troubleshooting car transmission problems

Leave troubleshooting car transmission problems for a specialist. Regardless of the year, from super high technology computerized transmissions to older fully hydraulic operated automatic transmissions. Even manual shift transmissions should be dealt with by a professional. I know for sure that some of the replacement transmissions we sell [...]

CVT Car Transmissions Available Now

Pruis CVT Continuously Variable Transmissions

Continuously Variable Transmissions have a low gear ratio and a high gear ratio with a mechanism that allows a seamless and infinitely variable amount of ratios in-between. One advantage of a CVT is the ability to keep the power plants RPM’s (revolutions per minute) in it’s most [...]

Universal Joints And Car Transmissions.

A universal joint is a linkage of sorts that transmits the rotation of a shaft that goes from the engine to the transmission in a vehicle of a rear wheel drive car. Or, longitudinal in design.. From the rear of the transmission to the differential assembly. The universal joint is used in almost every class [...]