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Chevy Cobalt Transmission for Sale, Affordable

The Chevy Cobalt is another compact car entry designed to be economical, yet have enough luxuries to satisfy almost everyone. Introduced in 2006 to replace the Prism and Cavalier. It is a front wheel drive car, which technically uses a transaxle, which is a combination transmission/differential, all in the same case. Searching for Chevy Cobalt Transmissions for Sale, affordable and easy to get?

The Cobalt uses a common front wheel drive arrangement. The transmission/engine assembly is mount sideways under the hood in the front of the car. If you look under the hood, this assembly runs across the car, or east to west, to the north south axis of the car.

Another item worth knowing is that a transaxle is designed for front wheel drive cars. If you have ever seen one disassembled, the first thought would be ”all of those parts came out of that case”? Yes, it’s really amazing to see thousands of complicated parts assembled into a complete functioning transmission.

Surprisingly, two manual transmissions are offered, a 5 speed F35 [MU3] manual transmission, and a 5 speed Getrag model F23 manual transmission. The F35 is a Saab transmission, or transaxle to be exact. Used in Saab and some GM transverse mounted engine/transmission setups.

The F23 is made by Getrag corp. and is a 5 speed manual transmission designed for front wheel drive applications primarily for GM cars. Two American versions are made: M86, MG3.

The automatic overdrive transmission offered in the Cobalt is a 4 speed automatic transmission-transaxle with a lock up torque converter. Lock up is subtle feature most people are not aware of which adds 2 to 4 miles per gallon.

The Saturn Vue Green Line hybrid uses the same transmission, one of the only hybrids I’m familiar with that does not use a CVT. In essence it was designed for GM’s line of 4 cylinder Ecotec engines. It’s a very high tech fully computerized transmission which receives signals from sensors all over the car and engine to command shifts at the right time.

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