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Buy Concorde Transmissions with Pure Value Built In

Chrysler Concorde transmissions are unique in several ways, the design is exclusive to Chrysler in particular. The only transmission offered in the Concorde, Chrysler named it the “Ultradrive”: 42LE/A606, or 606 for short. No problem then on deciding on what model you need to ask for, we carry good used transmissions when available, transmissions , ‘no junk yard transmissions’, and new crate transmissions.

Buy Concorde Transmissions with Pure Value Built Into them at the remanufacturing facility. The early model A606 had it’s share of problems, being a prototype of sorts. As a general rule, there are not many good used transmissions for the early models available.

That is good news in a way. Our transmissions are not just ordinary transmissions. They are cost effective and outperform every other form of replacement transmission. Every viable update has been installed, including modified or stronger parts. As I mentioned, this is a unique design which uses multiple clutch packs with multiple clutch plates only, and a very detailed computer system to command the transmission electronically.

It’s different than any other transmission in part because it has no bands or sprag clutches. It uses the computer and input sensors mounted on the chassis, transmission and engine to activate the correct combination of internal components to make a great shifting unit. And it is a quality shift after a reprogramming kit is installed.

The newer A606 transmissions were much improved over the first factory units, but none of them work as good as, or last as long as a rebuilt transmission from our shelves. Every one has pure value built into it. No other choice can provide the peace of mind you need.

If I failed to mention that this is a front wheel drive car, forgive me. The Concorde uses the traditional Transverse mounting system found in so many brands of cars. Essentially, the transmission and rear differential are all in the same aluminum casing, which saves space and allows that engine and transmission to bolt together and mount sideways under the hood.

I hope you have enough details and info to make a solid decision. Don’t be shy, use the phone and call us if you have any questions, that is why we have a phone number, some folks like to speak with a living intelligent human. Call GotTransmissions.com right now at 866-320-1182.

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