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Rebuilt TF 604 works excellent, perfect ending..

Yesterday I finished up my Chrysler TF604 rebuilt transmission job. One thing I need to mention is that I pressure test the transmission cooler as I flush it out. In this case I used several aerosol cans of brake dry clean. I know it sounds like back yard mechanicing to say that, but it is just as effective as a transmission cooler cleaner, to use in a pinch, if you do not have a commercial transmission shop cooler flusher. (over 1000.00 bucks, at least, and well worth it if you own a transmission shop).

TF 604 Differential Gear

TF 604 Differential Gear

It does not take a brain surgeon to use it properly. First off put your air blower gun on your air hose, put a soda can or the equivalent over one of the two cooling lines, put the blower tip into the other line and use a few rags to seal the end of the line and tip from blowing cleaner back on you. Start spraying the cleaner into the line until it eventually comes out the other line into the coke can. It will eventually make it through the lines.

Remove the cleaner needle from the one line and put the blow gun on that line and carefully use a rag to seal it while you very carefully blow the cleaner out of the cooler into the soda can. Repeat until the last wash was a waste of cleaner. Keep washing or flushing, using as a many cans as needed until clean. Mandatory step for success.

Well, when I went to flush his cooler, it was some what plugged up, too much pressure was needed to push the cleaner through.. This tells me a lot about what may have been at least a portion of his trans. problem. Fortunately we caught that, or he may have been back with a burnt up tranny.

We installed a new transmission cooler/radiator. My customer was very happy that we found that problem and had no issues replacing the radiator at all. He understood the ramifications.

I put 5 quarts of fully synthetic automatic transmissions fluid, type ATF+4, which is what Chrysler uses from the factory. We use no imitations or substitutes.

After it started I immediately put 5 more quarts of ATF in it. By the way, all Chrysler products have to be filled and checked in neutral. Period. After I filled it, while it was on the rack I did a full recheck of the work and looked for leaks. I lowered it, finished filling it and took it off the rack.

Next I hooked up Hank Snap On Modis, a 12,000 dollar scanner, and looked through the data stream, it all looked good. Next, I went through what is called a ”quick relearn” process that teaches the computer that is has a fresh transmission to command. If you don’t quick relearn it, it may actually have the same problem it came in with. That is because the computer thinks the transmission is still broken.

I went ahead and drove it. Put it through all of it’s up-shifting modes, and then I have to go through a bunch of downshift or passing gear applications. All said it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to properly road test a TF 604 after rebuild.

Needles to say, it came out perfect, works better than the factory unit did. In fact I drove it all day, got my groceries, a few items at Home Depot and parked it at home on some concrete. I bent over and looked for leaks again, no leaks, job done, come and get it. I also and sure there were no grease prints on the car. @ 866-320-1182.

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