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Rebuilt Dodge TF 604 Sub-Assembly Test Procedure

One of the things the best transmissions rebuilders do when they assemble sub assemblies of an automatic transmission is test each assembly after work on it has been completed. The most important sub-assemblies to test are the clutch drums. Since they are hydraulic in operation if you can pre test the drum assembly, then you have proof that it will work.

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule. But, since the clutch drums are hydraulic, it stands to reason that if they check properly using compressed air, then they should work better with automatic transmission fluid running through it’s veins, since ATF is thicker than air. Thus a better seal, where the fluid needs to be hydraulically contained.

Dodge TF 604 Pre-assembly Test

Dodge TF 604 Pre-assembly Test

In the picture above, pictured is the main drum assembly which houses three separate clutch packs. The drum is on the assembled pump. By blowing compressed air through the appropriate holes in the pump, we can activate each of the three separate clutch packs individually. This not only tests the clutch drum for operation, but it checks the pump too, since the drum is fed by the pump.

I just wanted to show you something very few people get to see, and explain a mandatory procedure when your transmission is rebuilt by a competent rebuilder. This stuff is never discussed, but it seems like a good point to make because we want to build confidence in you.

Practicing good rebuilding procedures goes hand in hand with the whole process of rebuilding a transmission. Like using the best parts and updates. Less mistakes or problems occur in the process when more effort is put into the job. That is our secret to success, delivering a qualified product on time.

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