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6F35 Used Transmission

In the year 2008, Ford announced its latest co-manufactured GM transmission known as the 6F35. This entry-level 6-speed gearbox was designed to help auto owners retain more fuel economy during vehicle transport. The success of the 6F series seems to be holding at Ford although locating replacement inventory is not always simple. A 6F35 used transmission purchased at this website does provide one option for car parts buyers.

There are two different motors that were selected and paired with the early versions of the 6F35 assemblies. The first is the 2.5 four-cylinder. This smaller motor was selected due to it being compatible with the 6-speed drive train. The second engine was the 3.0 V6. This was used across the Ford and Mercury divisions. The two capacity was one benefit of using the much bigger motors.

Facts About the 6F35 Ford Transmission

Clutches are the primary gearing mechanism found in the 6-speed versions. A series of chains help move the clutches and actually reduces the amount of vibration. The primary and secondary gearing each benefits from this configuration.

The flat towing option found only in the 6F35 gearbox removed the fear of auto owners who did not want to damage their transmission by towing boats or large vehicles. This is accomplished by the higher first gear ratio as well as the permanent fluid found in the assembly.

Because there are a total of 6 gears in use, it is much simpler to shift to higher or lower speed levels with the 6F35. Ford did a smart thing when designing the initial assemblies by varying the gear ratios. This level of quality is not implemented into the regular 4-speed automatic editions.

Vehicles Compatible With 6F35 Gearboxes

Many of the sport utility vehicles that were in production between 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 were picked to showcase the 6-speed transmission. The Escape, Fusion, Tribute, Mariner and Milan have all used the power and better fuel economy wisely. For someone who wants to know about compatibility, the I4 and V6 motors found in late model vehicles can accept the 6F series.

There are no known problems that are present in the 6F35 assemblies for sale on this website. Special care has been taken to acquire only the top units from national dealers. Extended parts service is provided by the no charge transmission warranty that is offered at GotTransmissions.com.

Search Cheap Ford Transmission Prices

The 6F55, 6F35 and later models can all be priced in real time through use of this second hand auto parts website. A range of quality gearboxes can be found for all Ford subsidiaries. Choosing the right model year and make of a vehicle starts the search procedures for people researching here. All shipments are delivered free of charge and each unit features the lowest amount of mileage and wear that is possible.

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