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Automatic transmission problem, Ford Focus Wagon ’02

Sometimes the car (Focus wagon 2002) will suddenly lose power. The engine will race, and the vehicle will slow down. So far, power loss hasn’t been complete, but I’ve gone from 65 to 30 m.p.h. in seconds. After a bit, the engine jerks into gear, and I regain power. Ford dealer computer diagnostics couldn’t find the source of the problem, and test driver couldn’t repeat it. With the most recent occurrence, the engine warning light has come on. The vehicle had a 60,000 mile service recently, including new transmission fluid. I was told the old fluid was fairly dirty.

It can be difficult to diagnose a problem like this, but I will try to offer some advice. The problem that you are having is not a common one, I have not heard of this type of concern with this vehicle. It does sound like your vehicle may be having transmission problems. I have searched the Ford Technical Service Bulletins for any known transmission problems with this vehicle, and found none. The Service Engine light coming on indicates that the Electronic Engine Control system has stored a Diagnostic Trouble Code. This code might help in diagnosing the vehicle. Changing the transmission fluid is recommended at your vehicles mileage, changing it would not cause a problem unless the wrong fluid was installed, or it was not filled to the correct level. If the vehicle operates normally most of the time, I would guess that the problem is in the control portion or the transmission, the valve body or solenoid body. You might want to consider taking the vehicle to a different Dealer. Unfortunately, sometimes an intermittent problem has to become more prevalent before it can be properly diagnosed.

Sometimes you have to leave the car with the dealer or your favorite reliable mechanic and let the car be driven as a regular everyday car until the problrm occurs. Leaving the car and having an intermittent problem, in it’s early stages diagnosed, beats the heck out of replacing your transmission. If you need a rebuilt transmission, call @ 866-320-1182 for honest and reliable information.

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