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AXODE Transmissions For Sale

One of the Original front wheel drive automatic overdrive transmissions was the AXOD transaxle made by Ford. In the late 1980s. Ford built one of the first transaxles with four forward speeds and a lock up torque converter. I believe the Ford Taurus was one of the first cars I examined one in. We don’t sell very many of those nowadays, but many folks call for an AXODE transmission for sale, also known as an AX4N, AX4S or 4F50N, depending on the year of the car.

First, the Taurus and any other Ford, Mercury or Lincoln that uses an AXODE, or one of it’s sister transaxles mentioned above have what is called a transverse mounted setup. What this means is the engine and transmission are both under the hood of the car, and are mounted east to west, or sideways under the hood. The most common front wheel drive setup today. Using a short axle on the left side and the right side to connect the power to the wheels. Called CV [constant velocity] joints.

As a replacement transmission for said cars above, I would recommend a rebuilt transmission. The notion that a rebuilt transmission costs too much is a myth. In fact a rebuilt transmission can be purchased for much less than expected. When you couple this with a rebuilt transmission that has been very much improved over the original one, you have a true value.

Our transmissions have been updated with better control valve assemblies and better parts than the factory had available at the time they were built. Torque converters have come a long was since then. The technology is such that all torque converter problems have long been solved.

The bottom line is we build pure value into every rebuilt transmission we sell. Rebuilt transmissions provide the peace of mind and confidence our customers demand. sells peace of mind with every transmission.

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