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Used CFT30 Transmission

Ford compounded on its new vehicle success and added new CVT transmissions in the 2005 year. The Mercury and Ford brands used this assembly as part of the late model builds. The constantly variable technology was not created by Ford although was used to improve its current list of transmissions. A person shopping here can buy a used CFT30 transmission for a good price.

Can a transmission provide more fuel economy? The CVT that Ford designed was set to improve the current gas mileage with its V6 motor series. Because the CFT30 was used only until 2007 in most models, the AWD models were not accurately tested for MPG increases. The Freestyle and Five Hundred are two of the vehicle brands that have each benefited from using CVT gearing.

All-Wheel Drive CFT30 Gearbox

A majority of the V6 powered vehicles did use all-wheel drive technology. The shifting pattern in the CVT was setup to not rely solely on automatic gears. The design was to take the best of the manual shifting and automatic and combine the power level. Buying a gearbox that is in used condition can be valuable to a vehicle owner. While there are some vibration and humming issues that are known in CVT assemblies, every model sold from this website with without common problems.

The Freestyle 3.0 V6 motor is one of the blocks that is paired up with the CFT30 gearbox. Because Ford is planning on producing more of its fleet of cars with better gearboxes, more continuously variable models will be hitting the open market. The GotTransmissions.com inventory searchable using this resource is in good condition and ready for national shipments to buyers.

CFT30 Transmission Problems

A warranty is crucial for any person who plans to buy a used condition transmission. While some companies forget about a consumer after a sale, the most important part of doing business is keeping people happy. With the used CFT30 assemblies that are for sale here, every person can benefit from a good warranty plan. One is provided at no cost. What this protects is a majority of the components that could fail during vehicle usage.

Someone who does not understand how the CVT technology works will easily benefit from a warranty. Going into a mechanic to fix even a small problem can be really expensive. The coverage plan offered is expected to cover the most types of deterioration that will happen after an installation of a median mileage transmission.

Buy Used CFT30 CV Ford Transmissions

A good sale price is not hard to find on this website. The lowered MSRP that is offered is part of the long range plans for consumers. Because there are not many good second hand parts supply stores, someone could struggle to locate a used Ford CVT enabled transmission. The search locator that is built right on this website takes the hassle out of reviewing the sale prices. A quick quote is always available at the click of a button.

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