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Used Ford 6R140 Transmission

Ford upped the game in transmissions design with its 6R140 in 2011. To help its Super Duty trucks, better gearboxes were needed to compete with rivals Chevy and Dodge. Some might say that the 6-speed at Ford is very similar to the Allison used in HD Chevrolet trucks. For people who need to replace a gearbox, locating a used Ford 6R140 transmission is easy here.

One benefit that Ford created for auto owners was the adaptation of gasoline and diesel technologies in its modern parts. When launching the 6-speed truck gearboxes, complete compatibility with the 6.2 V8 and 6.7 diesel was needed. Ford accomplished this feat in order to offer more value to F-Series truck owners.

Low Mileage 6R140 Assemblies

If there is one thing that kills the use of a used transmission, mileage is one of them. Ford did build its 6-speed to take advantage of better parts manufacturing. A regular 150,000-mile lifespan is now expected for each unit before service is required. While many people never go beyond this limit, it is still a good idea to purchase a gearbox with lower mileage counts.

The lockup converter installed in the 6R140 helps to improve the miles per gallon available during use. The PTO gearing that is included in the 6-speed editions makes it possible to improve towing without choosing a different gear ratio. Since Ford innovates auto manufacturing, ensuring the consumers get what they ask for builds trust.

Used 6R140 With a Torque Converter

GotTransmissions.com is one of the only second hand sources on the web that provides complete assemblies. This means that a torque converter is offered with every Ford transmission for sale. Apart from the generous components warranty, every person who buys a gearbox from this resource is buying a complete model. Nothing has been rebuilt or modified to work better.

The real OEM quality that Ford places into its designs is supplied with every preowned unit here. All of the planetary gears and gear sets that are inside of the 6R140 gearboxes have been evaluated for condition. This is important to know before rushing off to purchase a gearbox on the web. Taking a few extra moments to understand what is offered is really helpful.

Super Duty 6R140 Transmission Sale

Price is what draws many people into a second hand retailer. Because marketing at a low price point is crucial, nearly every price tag featured on this website is lower than most companies. This offers trust and value in the inventory supplied. Got Transmissions makes it easy to find almost any preowned Ford gearbox in numerous builds.

To search what inventory is available and shipping, select the model and the production year in the warehouse finder tool. A price is then calculated and displayed. A direct purchase button is always offered to shorten the checkout process for buying a used 6-speed Ford automatic transmission.

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