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Ford Contour Transmissions for Sale

Sometimes a car is not very popular, and the Ford Contour is one of those. It was only produced from 1995 to 2000. It’s the same car as the Mercury Mystique with different inside and outside trim packages. A compact car based on the Ford CDW27 front wheel drive platform. Which in normal language means front wheel drive [FWD].

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The Contour came with a 5 speed manual shift transaxle. I call it a transaxle because it is a front wheel drive transmission. The transmission and axle assembly are conveniently located in the same aluminum housing, thus, a trans-axle.

It’s commonly called a transverse mounting system. It’s a very popular setup used by most manufacturers nowadays. Different car companies have their own variations.

As far as the manual transmission/transaxle offered, it was very ordinary in function and reliable too. I have nothing unique to say about this unit other than the rebuilt manual transmissions we sell use high quality American made bearings and factory quality gears. In other words, no cheap Chinese replacement parts. It’s called the MTX-75 manual gearbox by Ford.

The automatic overdrive transmission Ford chose, called the CD4E was literally a disaster for Contour owners and the folks that fixed them. I can testify to this as I owned and operated my own transmission shop from 1982 to 2006. The CD4E was one of the most problem-some and unreliable transmissions ever made.

This transmission was used in plenty of Ford products and Mazda products, as Ford and Mazda share a lot, even today. It was a costly disaster for the owners of said car. There were so many failures based on poorly designed parts and an ineffective and troublesome design.

To put it mildly, it takes a special outfit to properly rebuild a C4E. If one takes the time and effort to cross-reference and match the latest updated parts with the smartest rebuilders, success is possible. Most shops or rebuilders find it too much trouble to do so. The benefits are priceless though.

Listen, this is not an ordinary transmission to repair. My advise is to
buy a rebuilt transmission
as a replacement for the original unit. In reality, it costs much less to buy a properly updated transaxle, the added life and the increased quality of shifts makes it quite inexpensive considering the early failure rate of the factory unit.

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